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Tuesday 07.04.2020 | Name days: Helmuts, Zina, Zinaīda

Many emergency specialists at Estonia’s leading hospital – close to burnout

An opinion poll performed at the North Estonia Medical Centre has found that staff working in the emergency medicine department are often on the point of a burnout and in case of doctors, the proportion was near 50 percent.

Estonian officials express support to U.S. first Assad regime attack

Commenting on the Friday’s attack by U.S. army on Syrian government forces that has been the first such strike during the Syrian Civil War, Estonian Foreign Minister and retired army general have expressed support to the strike, which was retaliation for a deadly alleged chemical attack on civilians in the Middle Eastern country.

Robot vehicle traffic supported in Estonia

The government of Estonia has backed changes in legislation that would allow robotic vehicles taking part in street traffic.

HIV continues spreading in Estonia with 70 new cases

In Estonia, where there is the largest rate of HIV infections in the EU, 70 new cases have been diagnosed in 2017.

Border monitoring system in Estonia fails five times in half-year

The monitoring system that is used by Estonian border guards to look after the country’s eastern border has encountered five critical failures over the last six months, the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board announced this week.

Estonian entrepreneur succeeds in Crimean court against Russian Defence Ministry

Estonian entrepreneur has won a trial against the Russian Defense Ministry in a case, where his is defending rights to own real estate in the Russian-annexed Ukrainian peninsular of Crimea.

Estonian pork producers hope to recover from crisis in no less than three years

In the Estonian pork industry, the amount of pigs will not grow in 2017 and to retake the market share lost to imported produce, it would take no less than three years, a meatpacking firm evaluated.

Mixer in U.S. suggests allies should be consistent in their messages

As the Baltic states foreign ministers met with the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, the head of the Estonian foreign service emphasised the significance of consistency and clarity in messages by allies.

Estonian gas seller: Excise duty hike unconstitutional

Estonian natural gas importer and seller Eesti Gaas has addressed the country’s Chancellor of Justice insisting that the increase of excise duty passed in 2016 was not in line with the rules of the Estonian constitution.

Tallinn Airport summer schedule to contain 36 routes

Tallinn Airport has announced its summer schedule that will include direct flights to 36 destinations and take effect from mid-April to late May depending on the airline.

Pärnu property sold for building plywood plant

Finnish capital company Metsä Wood Eesti has bought 104,000 square metres of land with plans to construct a 50 million euro plywood factory that would employ 200 workers.

Estonia to reduce availability of plastic bags in shops

Having passed amendments to the Estonian «Packaging Law», the Riigikogu has adopted a plan to reduce the use of plastic bags in the Baltic country over the coming years.

Modernising EU VAT – priority of Estonian EU Council presidency

Estonian Minister of Finance Sven Sester has stated that a priority of this year’s upcoming Estonian presidency at the Council of the European Union will be changing of the bloc’s value-added tax.

UK sends part of its 800 soldiers to Estonia

The first part of 800 British soldiers, pledged by the UK to increase the defence capability of NATO in the Baltic region, has been sent to Estonia.

Tallinn’s Vice Mayor reported as being linked to leading garbage management firm

Tallinn’s Vice Mayor Arvo Sarapuu, who has garbage disposal management and awarding contracts among his duties, is seen by Estonian press as linked to the capital’s leading waste disposal firm via his son-in-law.

Estonia eying heavy goods vehicle levy

With the introduction of a heavy goods vehicle levy from 2018, the Estonian Economic Affairs and Communications Ministry hopes to collect extra 17 million euros a year.

Estonian technology firm secures large Norwegian investment

Nettbuss, which is the leading coach operator in Scandinavia, will acquire a 15% share of Estonian electronic ticket company T Solutions.

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