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Sunday 22.09.2019 | Name days: Maigurs, Mārica, Māris

Pollster: 55% of Estonians predict EU likely to fall

An opinion poll on attitudes towards the European Union has been performed in Estonia in August, with its results showing 77% Estonian EU membership support, while more than a half of respondents have expressed scepticism about EU future in the long run.

Estonian farmers to protest with 10,000 bottles of milk

To raise awareness of the need for solutions crisis-stricken farming sectors, Estonia’s Central Farmers Union plans to hold a large protest in central Tallinn on September 12.

None of the resettled refugees have left Estonia so far

None of the asylum seekers that were resettled in Estonia as part of the programme to reduce the migration crisis in the EU has left the country so far. The same cannot be said of Latvia, however.

More state money - only solution to Estonian health insurer’s budget deficit

The deficit in the budget of the Estonian Health Insurance Fund is growing and the country’s Health and Labour Minister sees allocation of more state funds as the only responsible solution.

Ridesharers in Estonia show profits

Although ridesharing in Estonia is currently legally unregulated, the country’s Tax and Customs Board receives statements from private informal taxi drivers showing profits.

Estonian public figures call to nominate popular Kaljurand for President

Following a decision by Estonia’s ruling Reform Party to back only Siim Kallas as its candidate for the post of President, some 50 Estonian public figures have signed a call to the electoral college to nominate Foreign Minister Marina Kaljurand for the office.

Let’s get serious! Ilves urges candidates to show they’re apt for office

Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves has on August 30 - after the Riigikogu failed to agree on his successor in three election rounds - commented that election campaign is about proving aptness to take on presidential responsibilities and not about entertaining the public.

Estonian presidential election continues with third round

Riigikogu held on August 30 the second round of Estonian Presidential election, where former European Commission member Siim Kallas took the lead, but did not secure the needed 68 votes.

Ilves cannot grasp logic behind neighbours preferring agreements with U.S. over NATO

Estonian head of state Toomas Hendrik Ilves has this week commented that he does not fully grasp the logic behind Finland and Sweden preferring to sign bilateral agreements with the U.S. over opting for NATO membership.

52 residence permits and visas for studies annulled in Estonia

The Estonian Police and Border Guard Board has in the first quarter of 2016 annulled a total of 52 residence permits and visas issued to people, who were actually not planning to study or did not meet university enrolment requirements.

Nine polling stations in Estonia to be open for Russian Duma election

Russian Embassy in Estonia plans to run nine polling stations in the territory of the Baltic country for the time of the State Duma election of Russia to be held on September 19.

Long-term reconstruction planned for Tallinn’s Old City Harbor

Estonian state port administrator Tallinna Sadam has announced plans reconstruction works for the Old City Harbor of the Estonian capital that are expected to include construction of new entertainment and retail areas.

Estonia visited by 4% more travellers

Estonia has in the second quarter of 2016 been visited by four percent more tourists than in the period from April to June in 2015.

Estonia supports establishing 5 km border protection zone

Estonian government has on August 4 given its backing in principle to a bill envisaging the establishment of a 5-km-wide border protection zone.

Estonia to military cooperate with Russia, when latter quits Crimea occupation

Estonian defence attaché in Russia has received an invitation to talks on possible military cooperation, but Estonian Defence Ministry called on Russia to fulfil NATO demands relating to Moscow’s aggression against Ukraine.

«Sad picture» - Estonian breweries see fall in beer sales

Estonia’s largest beer producers Saku Õlletehas and A. le Coq have in the first half of 2016 registered a considerable decrease in their beer sales.