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Monday 22.07.2019 | Name days: Marija, Marika, Marina

Estonian voluntary troops grow by 380 members this year

A total of 384 volunteers have engaged in Estonian Defence League and its associated military organisations during the first half of 2016.

African swine fever found in a large pig shed in Estonia

On Thursday, 21 July, Latvia’s Food and Veterinary Service received information from the Estonian Veterinary and Food Service that an outbreak of African swine fever was noted in a pig shed that housed 4,091 pigs in Lääne-Viru County of Estonia.

New grain terminal to be opened in Estonia

Estonian farming cooperative Kevili has announced that the building of its new grain terminal in Tartu County will open on time for the upcoming harvest in July.

Customs prevents smuggling of 269,880 cigarettes from Russia

The Customs Administration of the Latvian State Revenue Service has recently prevented the smuggling of 269,880 cigarettes from Russia into the territory of Latvia.

Estonia earmarks 13 million euros to hosting NATO soldiers

The Estonian government on June 30 earmarked over 13 million euros for the costs expected to arise from hosting NATO troops, largely for building new barracks.

Estonian boarder guard sea accident claims lives

In a tragic boat accident in Estonian waters in the Baltic Sea, two border guards have drowned on June 28.

Estonian express ferries to cross Finland Gulf 12 times a day

Estonian firm Lindaliin, which operates express ferries in the route Tallinn-Helsinki and Helsinki-Tallinn has added to its number of daily trips reaching the total of 12.

Estonian investors buy pension funds from Danske Bank

Estonian capital management company LHV Varahaldus acquired for 10.92 million euros pension fund holder Danske Capital, according to a Tallinn stock exchange announcement of July 22.

Tallinn residents to continue to ride city trains for free

The Tallinn’s municipality and passenger train company Elron have extended the term of their agreement ensuring registered residents of the Estonian capital will be able to use trains for free within the capital’s city limits until late 2017.

Estonia to support families lacking support from child support non-payers

Estonian lawmakers have on May 15 passed the State Family Benefits Act, which among other things sets forth establishing a comprehensive child support system that will provide a guaranteed minimum monthly benefit to children having a non-paying parent.

Estonians – leading foreigners on Finnish real estate market

Estonians have in 2015 been the most active among foreigners buying real estate on the Finnish market with a total of 256 property deals.

Suspicion of embezzlement surrounding management of Estonia’s largest hospital

Corruption investigators at Estonian Central Police have presented to prosecutors allegations that the chairman of the board of the North Estonia Medical Centre and another two executives are suspected of embezzlement, fraud and taking bribes.

Baltics’ first biomethane plant to be built in Estonia

Estonian company Greengas Energy and Austrian-owned pulp factory Estonian Cell have entered into a long-term supply deal, which will allow Greengas Energy to build the Baltics’ first biomethane plant in northern Estonia.

39,399 Estonians sign petition against mass immigration

Estonian Riigikogu received on June 9 a petition from the Estonian Conservative Party’s parliamentary faction against mass immigration to the Baltic country signed by 39,399 people.

Estonian wood pellet producer buys power plant in Belgium

Estonian firm Graanul Invest, evaluated as Europe’s largest wood pellet producer, has purchased a power plant in Belgium that it plans to turn into a biomass-burning power station in 2017.

10 Gb/s network services to be tested in Estonia

Estonian telecommunications firm Starman and Finland’s Nokia announced this week a plan to test ten-gigabit residential services by the end of 2016.

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