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Tuesday 20.08.2019 | Name days: Bernhards, Boriss

39,399 Estonians sign petition against mass immigration

Estonian Riigikogu received on June 9 a petition from the Estonian Conservative Party’s parliamentary faction against mass immigration to the Baltic country signed by 39,399 people.

Estonian wood pellet producer buys power plant in Belgium

Estonian firm Graanul Invest, evaluated as Europe’s largest wood pellet producer, has purchased a power plant in Belgium that it plans to turn into a biomass-burning power station in 2017.

10 Gb/s network services to be tested in Estonia

Estonian telecommunications firm Starman and Finland’s Nokia announced this week a plan to test ten-gigabit residential services by the end of 2016.

Pharmaceutical firms unveil sums paid to Estonian doctors

Foreign drug producers operating in Estonia have for the first time unveiled sums they pay to several hundred doctors, while it remains unknown, whether and to what extent the money influences doctors’ selection of medications.

Estonia considers dropping county administrations

In the context of Estonia’s upcoming administrative reform, the country is currently evaluating the option of abandoning the model of 15 county governments in favour of six regional authorities.

Immigration to Estonia exceeds emigration for first time since renewed independence

During 2015, 13 003 people emigrated from Estonia, while 15 413 imigrated to the Baltic country, Statistics Estonia has estimated and found that for the first time since the restoration of the independence of Estonia more people have arrived in the country than the people, who have left.

Estonian average monthly income exceed 1,000 euros for first time

The average monthly gross income in Estonia surpassed 1,000 euros for the first time in 2015, Statistics Estonia estimated.

Estonia to chair Council of Europe

Estonia is on May 18 taking over the rotating chairmanship of the Council of Europe with its top diplomat planning to focus on human rights in the Internet, gender equality, and children’s rights.

Asylum seekers in Estonia appeal in court against denial of refugee status

According to Estonian media, two asylum seekers, who have been recently relocated to Estonia as part of the European Union refugee relocation scheme and have received a year-long subsidiary protection status, have taken the country’s Police and Border Guard Board to court over the decision.

China allows Estonian dairy products to enter its market

China’s Vice Minister Mei Kebao and Estonian Minister of Rural Affairs Urmas Kruuse have signed an agreement on food safety expected to allow Estonian dairy producers to sell their produce on the Chinese market.

Gazprom sells its stake at Eesti Gaas

Russian gas company Gazprom has sold its ownership at Estonian gas company Eesti Gaas to Trilini Energy, a firm controlled by investment firm Infortar, which now controls 88% of Eesti Gaas.

Navy leaders of 26 European countries convene in Tallinn

Tallinn on May 13 hosts a forum of navy leaders of 26 European states planning to talk about current maritime and cooperation issues.