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Wednesday 22.01.2020 | Name days: Austris

«No» normally means «no» - interaction manual for refugees published in Estonia

The Estonian office of the International Organization for Migration has published an electronic manual for expected refugees and asylum seekers, explaining Estonian habits of every-day communication and providing general information about Estonia and life in the country.

Court suspends Tallinn Mayor from office over bribery case

A court in Estonia has on September 30 suspended from office the Mayor of Tallinn Edgar Savisaar, who is also the leader of Riigikogu's second largest party, at the request of prosecutor investigating a high-profile corruption case.

Omniva to found joint firm with Chinese company

Estonian logistics firm Omniva plans to found a joint enterprise with Chinese courier company SF Express with the aim to mediate goods between China and Europe in a faster and more efficient manner.

I will not resign, says Tallinn Mayor named suspect in bribery case

After being named suspect in high-profile corruption case, Edgar Savisaar has announced on September 23 that he would not resign from the post of Mayor of Tallinn or step down as the Centre Party chairman.

Estonia refuses entry to Russia Today senior worker

Estonian Police and Border Guard on September 14 denied entry to the country to a senior worker of the Kremlin-funded TV network Russia Today.

Baltic's largest wind turbine park to be built in Estonia

A wind turbine park with 30 large turbines and 100 megawatt output is planned to be built in Estonia and could become the largest wind turbine park in the Baltic states.

Estonian GDP up 2% in Q2

Estonian economy grew 2.0 percent from April to June compared with the second quarter of 2014, Statistics Estonia has estimated.

Estonian port corruption investigation involves Polish shipyard

Corruption investigation against the former management of Estonian state port company Port of Tallinn has spread involving a search at Polish shipyard Remontowa in Gdansk. According to ERR, this is the shipyard that won a tender to build two new ferries for the Port of Tallinn.

Weekend destination: Estonia’s artificial caves and water with salts of the Dead Sea

The history of Estonia’s SPA and resorts dates back 200 years. Every year, people wanting to relax in SPA-centres and undergo rehabilitation are offered more and more services. Furthermore, massive renovations have been carried out in two of the largest spa centres in Pärnu this year.

Finnish pensioners opt for retirement in Estonia

Spending retirement in Estonia has been the choice of an increasing number of pensioners from Finland, who emphasise cheaper prices and comfortable living as the reasons behind the decision.

20% of Estonians stay in workforce after retirement

In Estonia, more than a fifth of workers having reached the retirement age - 62-63 years – stay in workforce.

Tax hike on amber from 22 to 280 euros per kg suggested in Lithuania

The Lithuanian Ministry of Environment has proposed a natural resource tax hike on amber from 22.22 to 280 euros per kg of amber pieces smaller than 40 mm.

Estonian parliament approves eurozone bailout programme to Greece

Members of Riigikogu on August 18 expressed parliamentary support to the third Greek bailout package by 50 votes in favour and 37 against.

Cruise ship «stuck» in Tallinn port with several hundred passengers

The Norwegian-registered cruise ship Viking Star has been forced to stay at Tallinn port for several days with several hundred passengers. «The ship lost power in its engines three days ago and allegedly is waiting for a spare part,» an anonymous source told Postimees daily on August 2, adding that the cruise ship is likely to continue its journey on August 4.

Estonian Chancellor of Justice deems planned prison smoking ban unconstitutional

Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs has unveiled plans to ban smoking in prisons, while the country's Chancellor of Justice evaluates that the right to smoke is constitutionally protected.

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