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Saturday 18.01.2020 | Name days: Antis, Antons

Swedbank takes EUR 400 million in dividends from its Estonian sub-group

Swedish banking group Swedbank has this week announced plan to take out 400 million euros in extra dividends from its sub-group in Estonia.

Bouncy castle party turns tragic in Estonia

In Estonia, two children have died and three have been injured in a tragic accident with a bouncy castle over the weekend.

Estonia might resettle up to 200 refugees, Rõivas says

During the next two years Estonia could admit 150 to 200 Mediterranean refugees, Estonian Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas has stated this week.

Estonia drawing up plan to erect thousand boundry markers on control line with Russia

Estonian ministries are drawing up a plan to put up on the temporary control line with Russia 760 border posts and 412 floating border markers. The draft decision is part of a 79-million-euro-worth programme for modernising the Estonian-Russian border, even though the bilateral border treaty has not been ratified yet.

Cuts on VAT returns for company cars criticised in Estonia

Estonian Tax and Customs Board has on June 9 stated that the cut on VAT returns for company car purchases that entered into force in 2015 has not given the expected result.

Estonian trade unions and businesses disagree on raising minimum wage

The Estonian Employers' Confederation on Monday, June 8, has disagreed with an offer from the Trade Union Confederation to increase the minimum wage in two years to 448 euros per month, gross. The plan is currently being pushed in the Parliament.

Estonian government pushes tax hikes amid opposition filibustering

The Estonian parliament on June 4 passed a tax change bill setting forth a considerable rise in excise duties and slight lowering of the social tax.

Estonia to focus on social effect of science in allocation of 359 million euros of science funding

Estonian Ministry of Education and Research has announced a plan for investing the 359 million euros of structural fund money saying that the key priority will be science activity with a social and economic impact.

Estonia's meat producer to export poultry products to Hong Kong

The leading meat processing company in Estonia - HKScan Estonia - has received approval to start exporting chilled and frozen poultry to Hong Kong, China.

Tartu and Tallinn Universities to open help desk for cooperation with businesses

The Tallinn University of Technology and the University of Tartu will in 2016 open a service called T-HelpDesk with aim of strengthening and simplifying university-industry contacts.

Estonia's government moves on with fairly radical administrative reform

The government of Estonia has this week decided to establish a committee for negotiating, drawing up legislation for a reform that might reduce the country's 215 administrative entities to 50.

Estonian volunteers help 19 000 migrating amphibians cross roads

During the 2015 «Roads With(out) Frogs» campaign, a total of 19,185 frogs, toads and newts migrating to their breeding grounds were helped cross roads not to be run over by motorists.

Estonia reaches 3%-increase in exports in Q1

Growth in foreign sales of electronics equipment has helped Estonia reach a three percent increase in exports in the first quarter of 2015.

Estonia opposes EU migrant quota plan

Estonia, Hungary and Slovakia do not support European Commission's upcoming proposal for introducing a quota system to distribute migrants across its member states, German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW) reported in the weekend.

Season of cruise ships open at Port of Tallinn

The Old City Harbour in Tallinn hosted its first cruise ship of the season that is expected to last until October 17.

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