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Sunday 15.07.2018 | Name days: Henriks, Henrihs, Egija, Egmonts, Egons

Tallinn Zoo welcomes arrival of snow leopard cubs

On Tuesday, April 24, Tallinn Zoo welcomed arrival of three snow leopard cubs.

Estonia needs Plan B

Estonian accelerator Startup Wise Guys chooses companies

The new Estonian accelerator program Startup Wise Guys, backed by the Estonian Development Fund and some former Skype engineers, has just announced seven companies it will be working with.

Estonia urges Japan to join NATO’s cyber security efforts

Estonia is calling on Japan to strengthen its collaboration with NATO on cyber defense and take part in joint cyber defense exercises, according to the Estonian Defense Ministry.

Tallinn Zoo celebrates arrival of Amur leopard cubs

Animal lovers in Estonia and around the world are celebrating the arrival of three newborn Amur leopard cubs in Tallin Zoo.

Estonians invent online fitting room

The Estonian company has come up with a technology that allows to try on new clothes on the computer.

A new terminal for Tallinn airport

Tallinn airport is due to begin the construction of an additional terminal, which will be meant for flights of budget airlines.

Latvia is the most unattractive for investments among Baltic states

Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian businessmen find Estonia the most attractive country for foreign investments among the Baltic states, but Latvia – the most unattractive. Only 1% of Lithuanian businessmen and 15% of Estonian businessmen find Latvia the most attractive country for foreign investments.

Russian drug causes record number of deaths in Estonia

Fentanyl, produced in Russia, commonly named «white Chinaman», is causing a record number deaths of drug addicts: overdose of this drug causes more deaths than car crashes.

Tallinn airport to become the center of European transit

The program, which is to be organized by Estonian Air airline in April, will result in Tallinn airport becoming overflown with transit passengers.

Estonian Finance Minister: Greeks do not deserve their minimum wage

«Greeks do not deserve their minimum wage – in Greece it is still two times higher than in Estonia, but I don't think they deserve it,» said the Estonian Finance Minister Jurgen Ligi.

Free public transport in Tallinn – a possibility

During this week, a questionnaire for Estonian residents will determine whether or not Estonians support making public transport free of charge starting from 2013.

Strike week in Estonia

This week from March 7th to 9th, workers of many fields will go on strike demanding increases of wages. This will be the largest strike since the restoration of independence – more than 20 000 people promised to stop their work.

Revenue of Estonian companies up by 40%

As the data from the Statistical Department shows, the general profit of Estonian business in 2011 was EUR 2.8 billion, which is more than the year before by 40%.

Ligi: paying those who leave work on their own initiative – is a bad idea

Paying compensations to those who leave work on their own initiative was a bad idea from the start, the Estonian Minister of finance Jurgen Ligi claims.

Estonian economy grows 7.5% year-on-year

In the final quarter of 2011, compared with the same period in 2010, the Estonian economy expanded 4%.

Microsoft: Estonian IT sector lacks 1 000 specialists

Microsoft Estonia and the new subsidiary Skype are facing a lack of the information technology (IT) specialists. Skype is currently offering 100 vacancies, but the Estonian IT sector as a whole - over 1 000 jobs for various professionals, says Rain Laane, head of Microsoft Estonia.

Estonia: fate of a unified ATM network to be clear by June

The most significant 2012 project that banks plan for private clients is creation of a single ATM network, says SEB Estonia Chairman Riho Unt.

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