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Saturday 21.07.2018 | Name days: Meldra, Meldris, Melisa

Estonian Transit Centre opens a branch in Latvia

Transit Centre plans to purchase a terminal in Freeport of Riga to manage the flourishing trade.

Money determines Estonians' trips

People in Estonia acknowledge that it is money that determines their summer holiday plans, according to GoAdventure study.

Seven kidnapped Estonians finally set free

Seven Estonian cyclists who were kidnapped in March in Lebanon have finally been set free, according to the Estonian Foreign Affairs Ministry.

Statoil profit shrinks nearly tenfold

Last year, the company Eesti Statoil generated 9.5 times smaller profit in the retail and wholesale segment than in 2009. The company puts this down to the fuel procurement price surge.

Estonia registers the smallest trade deficit

In May 2011, if comparing to the same month in 2010, exports spiked 53% and imports - 44% at current prices, according to Statistics Estonia.

Foreigners spending hundreds of millions on Estonia’s real estates

During the last year, foreign buyers spent 96.4 million euro (LVL 66.3 mln) on properties in Estonia, making a total of more than 3.1 thousand transactions.

Eesti Energia refuses to talk about tariff raise

Estonia’s state energy company Eesti Energia is currently refusing to provide information about tariff increase, which is intended in early 2012.

Fitch raises Estonia’s credit rating to A+

The international rating agency Fitch Rating has upgraded Estonia's credit rating to A+, in view of the country’s strong economic growth and sound financial system.

Estonians convinced their financial situation will worsen within a year

Majority or 67.6% of Estonia’s residents are sure that after a year their financial situation will be worse than the current one.

No drivers licence needed in Estonia from July 1

Starting from Friday, July 1, a law comes into force in Estonia, enabling car drivers to leave their driving license and technical certificate at home. The only condition – drivers must carry with them a personal identity document.

Estonian millionaire buys a flight to Space

By paying 200 000 dollars (LVL 98 400), the Estonian millionaire Raivo Hein from Saaremaa purchased a ticket for a three-hour space flight.

Tallinn taxis required air conditioners from July 2011

Starting from July 1, this year, new requirements for taxis are entering into force, stipulating that all vehicles must be equipped with air conditioners.

Estonian businessmen: Saeima dissolution might attract investors to Latvia

Estonian entrepreneurs operating in Latvia are hoping the referendum on the Saeima dissolution and discussions about oligarchs’ influence on politics will make the Latvian economy more transparent and facilitate attraction of foreign investors.

Actual salary keeps dropping in Estonia

Despite gross salary started to climb last year after a year-long drop, the actual remuneration, which includes price gains and characterises the purchasing power, is shrinking already for the second year in a row.

airBaltic passenger turnover grows 10%

In May 2011, the Latvian national airline airBaltic flew 326 204 passengers from Riga, Vilnius and Tallinn, thus, outdoing May 2010 performance by 10% (295 809 passengers).

Euro may slow down Estonian export

A strong argument for the euro introduction was stability ensured by the single European currency, however, Henley Business School lecturers claim the euro can harm successful Estonian exports.