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Wednesday 21.11.2018 | Name days: Andis, Zeltīte

Expert: food price surge is unstoppable

It is not possible to stop food product prices from gaining or adjust them on a national level, admits the Estonian Agriculture Minister Helir-Valdor Seeder, adding that the European Union is not doing this and neither will Estonia.

Annual inflation in Estonia – 5.4%

Compared to April, the Consumer Price Index was up 0.1% in May 2011, while compared to the same period last year – up 5.4%.

Number of Estonian millionaires surges one-fifth

In Estonia, the number of people with income over at least one million kroon (LVL 44 900) increased almost 20% last year, amounting to 1 947 people.

Estonian media pity Latvia

Results of the presidential elections in Latvia make Estonia feel sorry for its neighbour, Aripaev writes in its editorial.

Estonia’s most dangerous occupations revealed

Last year, 3 196 workplace accidents were reported in Estonia – 276 more than a year ago. For instance, last year the trade sector recorded 253 mild and 60 severe accidents, one of which was fatal.

Average salary grows 4.5% in Estonia

In the first quarter of 2011, the average gross monthly salary in Estonia hit 792 euro, while the hourly rate – 4.87 euro, reports Statistics Estonia.

Prosecutor's Office detains Narva Vice-Mayor

A county in Estonia Viru District Prosecutor's Office has confirmed information on raids in Narva Vice-Mayor Andrei Filippov and Tamara Luigas, director of the Department of City Property and Economy, offices. Estonian law enforcement authorities have detained Filippov.

Fierce competition among applicants for executive and blue-collar jobs

The Estonian labour market is currently experiencing sharp competition among executives, as well as unskilled workers – most of the officially-registered jobless persons qualify particularly for these vacancies.

Businessman: hopefully, Microsoft will develop Skype in Estonia

Estonian social web-portal founder Andrei Korobeinik expresses a hope global software giant Microsoft will keep developing Skype in Estonia, as the deal could lead to hundreds of new jobs and help develop the economy.

Estonians buy more and more luxury cars

In the first four months of 2011, an increasing number luxury cars has been registered in Estonia.

Estonia invests the most in Latvian companies

Similarly as in the previous years, also this year Estonia ranks the first in terms of direct investments in Latvian companies capital.

Estonians complain of bureaucracy and protectionism in Latvia

Estonian businessmen are victims of widespread bureaucracy and protectionism in Latvia, says Hele Lõhmus, Chairman of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce in Latvia.

Russian company manufactures robots in Estonia

Russian company Kvadrat SG manufacturing robots in St Petersburg has announced town in Estonia Narva its new production base, according to the company’s owner Sergey Gadalov.

Estonian Banking Association: crisis taught banks a lesson

Banks have learned their lesson from the borrowing boom, thus now their new key priority is reasonable lending, says Riho Unt, Chair of Estonian Banking Association and Estonia’s second largest bank SEB.

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