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Wednesday 17.07.2019 | Name days: Aleksejs, Aleksis

Germany admires Estonia’s ability to handle euro

In view of Europe facing debt burden and problems with the euro, rating agencies are paying more attention to many European countries. Meanwhile, Estonia has not debt and its ratings are getting better.

Estonian guest workers earned 203 million euro abroad last year

In 2010, Estonia’s residents temporarily working abroad earned around 203 million euro (LVL 143 mln), according to the Estonian central bank Eesti Pank estimates.

Tourists: prices in Tallinn are too high!

Tourists visiting Estonia’s capital Tallinn are often shocked about the local price level, indicates the survey by Eesti Päevaleht.

IMF wants over 200 million euro from Estonia

In addition to hundreds of millions of euros Estonia is set to pay to EU bailout funds, it also needs to make impressive contributions to the International Monetary Fund. The current agreement provides Estonia is to invest more than 200 million euro in the IMF.

Estonia’s import surges 33% in June

In June 2011, Estonia’s import at current prices hit one billion euro – a rise of 33% year-on-year, according to Statistics Estonia. In the first half of 2011, imports went up 49% in annual terms.

Estonian exports up 54% in June

Estonian exports grew 54% during the first half of this year, compared to a year earlier.

Inflation hits 5.2% in Estonia

Compared to June, the consumer price index in July grew 0.5% in July 2011, while the registered inflation amounted to 5.2%, indicates Peeter Luikmel, economist at Estonia’s central bank.

Sugar gains 62%, coffee – 51% within a year

Compared to June, the consumer price index climbed 0.5% in July 2011, reports Statistics Estonia.

Apple distributor: we don’t see strong gray market in Baltics

We do not see a strong organized gray market in the Baltic States, says Tomas Palšis, director of AVAD Baltic, the information technology company Apple's official distributor in the Baltics.

Electricity price to grow 6% in Estonia

In March 2011, Estonian Energy unveiled a new payment system, resulting in electricity bills surging 6%, starting from August 1.

Estonian death rates keep shrinking

Death rates in Estonia are still declining, marking an increasing average life-span and aging of the society, according to the Statistics Estonia.

Estonians borrow more than two years ago

Companies borrowed a total of 584 million euros in loans and leasing in June and this sum accounts for one of the highest monthly turnovers over the past two years.

Less Estonians own real estate

Numbers of Estonians owning real estate are dropping, so the rental market of apartments and private housing is growing gradually, says Tarvo Tamm, director of real estate company Brem.

Estonian Transit Centre opens a branch in Latvia

Transit Centre plans to purchase a terminal in Freeport of Riga to manage the flourishing trade.

Money determines Estonians' trips

People in Estonia acknowledge that it is money that determines their summer holiday plans, according to GoAdventure study.

Seven kidnapped Estonians finally set free

Seven Estonian cyclists who were kidnapped in March in Lebanon have finally been set free, according to the Estonian Foreign Affairs Ministry.

Statoil profit shrinks nearly tenfold

Last year, the company Eesti Statoil generated 9.5 times smaller profit in the retail and wholesale segment than in 2009. The company puts this down to the fuel procurement price surge.