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Estonians buy more and more luxury cars

In the first four months of 2011, an increasing number luxury cars has been registered in Estonia.

Estonia invests the most in Latvian companies

Similarly as in the previous years, also this year Estonia ranks the first in terms of direct investments in Latvian companies capital.

Estonians complain of bureaucracy and protectionism in Latvia

Estonian businessmen are victims of widespread bureaucracy and protectionism in Latvia, says Hele Lõhmus, Chairman of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce in Latvia.

Russian company manufactures robots in Estonia

Russian company Kvadrat SG manufacturing robots in St Petersburg has announced town in Estonia Narva its new production base, according to the company’s owner Sergey Gadalov.

Estonian Banking Association: crisis taught banks a lesson

Banks have learned their lesson from the borrowing boom, thus now their new key priority is reasonable lending, says Riho Unt, Chair of Estonian Banking Association and Estonia’s second largest bank SEB.

Thousands of Estonians plan looking for work abroad

Around 43 thousand or 4.7% of the economically active population in Estonia are interested in looking for work abroad. Moreover, they have already made steps to approach the goal, according to Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs study.

Estonian Air interested in acquiring Copterline

Estonian national carrier Estonian Air is planning to acquire a stake in the leading Finnish helicopter airline Copterline. It is said the deal has been delayed since Copterline shareholders have not yet made up their mind in terms of the possible sale.

Estonia's electricity prices might surge one-fifth in two years

After all the restrictions are lifted in 2013, the Estonian households might have to pay 15% more for electricity than currently, suggest the Estonian Finance Ministry and Central Bank’s estimates.

Estonian businessmen shocked about Latvia's shadow economy

The Estonian Chamber of Commerce in Latvia insists the Latvian government should arrange its tax auditing system, reducing unfair competition stemming from the shadow economy.

European Commission freezes Estonian company’s funding

The European Commission's audit found that three projects of the Estonian company Enterprise Estonia, which were co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund, included inadequate costs. Therefore, the EC has decided to temporarily suspend fund payments of 30 million euro to the company.

Estonia declares itself electric cars giant

In the engineering industries exhibition in Hannover, Estonia positions itself as electric cars development center, according to their display stand. 500 Mitsubishi iMiEV’s electric cars have already been purchased in Estonia

Growing number of tourists in Estonia

In February 2011, 143 000 foreign and local tourists stayed at Estonian hotels and accommodation places, 15% more than a year before. Estonians themselves made up 44% of these tourists.

Estonia’s exports grow 34% in February

Compared to February 2010, the Estonian exports rose by 34% in February 2011, totalling 843 million euro (LVL 593 mln), given the current prices, according to the Statistics Estonia data.

Expert: interest rates surge throughout the world

To restrict the price gains, interest rates are being raised all over the world. Moreover, this year the Euribor rate is climbing as well, points out Swedbank Estonia analyst Annika Paabut.

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