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Wednesday 22.01.2020 | Name days: Austris

Take two in Estonia coalition-building as Centre rejects Reform's offer

Estonia grand coalition attempt fails after two largest parliamentary parties fail to agree on tax policies. Election winners, Reform Party, are now focusing on their other option with social democrats and national-conservatives.

Swedbank Estonia possibly been used to move massive «hidden» sums, media report

Cyprus coal trader Carbo One has been a key corporate client of Swedbank Estonia with transfers exceeding a billion euros and Russia's billionaire Iskander Makhmudov has allegedly transferred huge sums through «shadow» accounts despite a lack of official links to the coal firm, Estonia's Postimees and Swedish SVT report.

Estonian newspapers go against paid advertising in municipal publications

Estonian press, united by the Estonian Newspaper Association, is convinced there is a need for law prohibiting local governments from selling ad space in their informative publications and thus compete against local and regional newspapers. The chairman of the Estonian Newspaper Association added that the organisation signed an agreement in 2018 with the Association of Estonian Cities and Rural Municipalities.

Estonia convicts ex-army officer, his father for treason

A court in Tallinn has convicted ex-officer of the Estonian Defence Forces, Deniss Metsavas, his father for state treason, finding them guilty of selling state secrets to Russian intelligence.

Estonians preparing Antarctic expedition with sailing ship

An expedition to the Antarctic is being planned by the Estonian Maritime Museum and a team of enetrepreneurs willing to make the journey Baltic-German explorer Fabian Gottlieb Bellingshausen made almost to centuries 200 years ago. If the expedition will attract the necessary funding, the crew would set off in Kronstadt in Russia on July 11.

UK likely to crash out of EU by accident, EU negotiator says

Amid the current situation with UK's withdrawal from the European Union, the country is very likely to crash out of the EU without a deal by accident, according to the EU's deputy chief negotiator Sabine Weyand. Monday, January 29, speaking at an event in Brussels, Weyand, who is a deputy to the EU's chief negotiator Michel Barnier, explained that other options for the Irish border had been extensively discussed and referred to the months-long negotiations with her UK counterparts.

Tallinn decides to cut number of council seats

The city of Tallinn has voted in favour of cutting the number of council members serving on the capital's City Council from 79 to 63. The measure has to be approved by the Estonian parliament to become effective. This proposal was submitted by the Centre Party, who has long dominated the municipality of the Estonian capital.

Estonian post wants to reduce print media delivery days, due to losses

Estonian postal company Eesti Post, also going by the brand of Omniva, has come up with plans to cut the number of days for delivering newspapers and magazines due to losses suffered in 2018. Estonian public broadcaster ERR reported on Thursday, January 24, that newspaper and magazine home delivery, currently done six days per week, brought Eesti Post a loss of EUR 1.3 million in 2018.

Facebook meets with Estonian parties in attempt to curb fake news in it networking company Facebook has met with Estonian parliamentary parties and discussed possibilities to combat the spread of fake news in the run-up to the Estonian parliamentary election this spring.

Estonia: Narcotics' mail deliveries could go out of control if not tackled

The Estonian tax and customs body has intercepted a total of 742 parcels containing illegal drugs, setting a new, alarming record for the Baltic country.

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