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Saturday 18.08.2018 | Name days: Liene, Helēna, Elena, Ellena, Liena

Prosecutor’s office ends case on OCMA official’s involvement in fictive marriage organization

The Prosecutor General’s Office has ended the case launched against and official of the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs, who was allegedly involved in organization of fictive marriages, as reported by LNT News on Tuesday, 10 July.

Unemployment level in Latvia remained 6.4% in June

At the end of June, the level of registered unemployment in Latvia was 6.4% of the economically active population, which is the same as it was a month prior, as reported by State Employment Agency.

Fifth African swine fever outbreak recorded for domestic pigs in Brocēni

A case of African swine fever has been recorded in a farm in Blīdene Parish of Brocēni County. The disease was found in an enclosure with five pigs, as confirmed by Food and Veterinary Service.

This year’s harvest time in Latvia planned two weeks earlier than usual

Winter barley has already reached the necessary stage of development. Once the period of precipitation has ended, harvest will begin. This year’s harvest is planned two weeks earlier than usual, according to specialists of Baltic Agro company.

Consumer prices increase by 2.8% in Latvia; fuel prices up by 17.5%

Compared to June 2017, the average level of consumer prices rose by 2.8 % in June 2018. Prices of goods increased by 2.5 % and prices of services grew by 3.3 %. Compared to 2015, consumer prices had increased by 6.5 % in June 2018. Prices of goods grew by 5.3 %, while prices of services rose by 9.5 %.

Economy Ministry warns 62 MPC recipients about their tax debts

Tax debt warnings have been presented to 62 businessmen provided with permits to sell electricity within mandatory procurement component system, as BNN was informed by Economy Ministry.

PHOTO: conclusion of XXVI Latvia’s Song and XVI Dance Celebration

The XXVI Latvian Song and XVI Dance Celebration was attended by approximately half a million people. A new record was set for the number of people attending the closing concert and Sing Along Night event afterwards. Organizers and representatives of security services say the celebration was successful – the event was emotionally saturated and at the same time peaceful.

More than one-third of Latvians plan to travel to Vilnius by bus this summer

51% of Latvian residents have plans to travel to Vilnius this summer, according to results of a survey by Norstat Latvia and Lux Express.

UGF received nearly two-thirds of all donations paid to parties in June

In June 2018, the Union of Greens and Farmers received the most generous donations among Latvia’s political parties. EUR 98,599 or 62.7% of donations paid to political parties in that month were received by UGF, according to information from the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau.

Weather in Latvia will be warm and rainy this week

This week in Latvia is expected to be warm. On certain days, however, air temperature may reach +27° C. Nevertheless, in the second half of the week a precipitation zone will pass through Latvia, bringing heavy rain and thunderstorms, as reported by Latvia’s State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

Demand for painkillers increases during Song and Dance Celebration

Since the beginning of Latvia’s Song and Dance Celebration demand for painkillers, seething creams and bandages has increased in pharmacies. According to information compiled by BENU Aptieka, demand for those products has grown 20-25%.

SRS requests commencement of criminal process for smuggling of narcotics

Latvia’s State Revenue Service has requested commencement of criminal prosecution of a case revolving around smuggling of narcotics in postal packages, as BNN was informed by the service.

Almost 1,000 children waiting in queues to kindergartens in Riga

There are currently approximately 1,000 children waiting in queues to kindergartens in Riga. Pre-school services are provided in 150 kindergartens, including 71 Latvian, 41 shared Latvian and national minority kindergartens, as well as 38 national minority institutions.

Riga Mayor has no plans to start in Saeima and EP elections

Mayor of Riga and leader of Harmony Nils Ušakovs has no plans to start in this year’s Saeima elections and next year’s European Parliament elections.

PHOTO: general rehearsal of Mara’s Country large-scale dance performance

XXVI Song and XVI Dance Celebration week has reached its mid-point – in four days there have been nearly 30 events that were widely attended. So far Song and Dance Celebration has been attended by approximately 120,000 people. All participants of the celebration have arrived in Riga. Soon the culmination of the celebration will take place in Latvia’s capital – Great Band Concert, Mara’s Country large-scale performance, the final concert Following the Starry Path and Sing Along Night, says XXVI Latvian Song and XVI Dance Celebration public relations specialist Inga Vasiļjeva.

Still no clarity about data protection matters in Latvia’s hospitals

Currently there is no general clarity in regards to realization of data protection matters in hospitals, said chairman of Latvian Hospitals Association Jevgēņijs Kalējs after his meeting with Healthcare Ministry’s representatives.

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