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Friday 20.07.2018 | Name days: Ramona, Ritma

Latvian companies use trademark protection options more and more often

The number of applications detailing national trademarks had increased considerably last year, reaching 1,798 in total. An increase has been observed in regards to national and international procedures, BNN was informed by the Patent Office's Intellectual Property Information Center.

Prosecutor General: investigation of Bank of Latvia governor’s case will not take years

«Currently there is no reason to believe that the investigation of the case involving the governor of the Bank of Latvia Ilmārs Rimšēvičs could take years,» said prosecutor general Ēriks Kalnmeiers in an interview to Dienas Bizness.

Latvian Economy Ministry revokes MPC permit for Rīgas enerģija

Economy Ministry has decided to revoke the mandatory procurement permit once provided to SIA Rīgas enerģija combined heat and power plant. It should be mentioned that this company is partially owned by Māris Martinsons’s family.

FCMC receives ABLV Bank’s self-liquidation project

On Monday, 5 March, Finance and Capital Market Commission received ABLV Bank’s documents on self-liquidation. If no need arises to request additional documents, FCMC will review provided information in no more than 30 days.

Average housing costs in Latvia declined by a mere two euros in 2017

In 2017, housing costs in Latvia constituted EUR 138 a month. Over the last two years, housing costs almost have not changed. Last year, households spent on average 13.5 % of their disposable income on housing.

Skycop: airline worker strikes are becoming a serious problem

Last year, airline workers’ strikes had put at least 400,000 travellers in an inconvenient situation. Experts predict that because of the unstable financial situation of different European airlines, strikes will become an even bigger problem in the future.

Opinion: decline of high-risk clients in Latvia’s banking sector will speed up soon

Considering recent developments in Latvia’s financial sector, the decline of high-risk clients in the country’s banking sector will become more rapid soon, said chairman of Citadele Bank’s board and Association of Latvian Commercial Banks Guntis Beļavskis.

Association: public disclosure of state and municipal officials is akin to «public nudity»

Latvian Health and Social Care Workers' Union is concerned about Saeima’s supported proposal to make information about wages paid to state and municipal officials publicly available. The union notes that this would not comply with the Constitution of the Republic of Latvia .

Turnover of drug wholesale traders grew 6% last year

In 2017, turnover of drug wholesale traders in Latvia and abroad was EUR 846.76 million without VAT. Compared to the previous year, this means an increase of 6%, according to data compiled by State Agency of Medicines.

De Facto: audit in FCMC could be performed by World Bank experts

The audit of Latvia’s bank supervisor Finance and Capital Market Commission could be performed by experts from the World Bank, as reported by De Facto. The audit may focus on the institution’s work in general, not any of its specific decisions.

Weather in Latvia to be sunny with little precipitation at the beginning of the week

The new week in Latvia will begin without any many weather changes – on Monday and Tuesday it will be sunny without any major precipitation. Still, nights will remain chilly, as reported by State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

FinCEN refuses to reveal evidence for accusations detailed in ABLV Bank case

On Thursday, 2 March, Financial Crimes Enforcement Network of US Department of Treasury published 20 different documents in the so-called ABLV Bank case. However, those documents reveal no evidence to the accusations used against the bank.

Passenger turnover in Latvia grew, whereas cargo turnover declined in 2017

In 2017, the number of passengers arrived at and departed from the Riga International Airport for the first time had exceeded 6 million.

RB Rail CEO: Rail Baltica may receive 0.8 to 1 million euros from Europe

If Baltic States are able to reach an agreement in relation to the realization of Rail Baltica project, there is a high probability the project may receive from the European Union from 800 million to upwards of one billion euros, as CEO of RB Rail Baiba Rubesa told Saeima’s European Affairs Committee.

Minister: children with psychological problems should be put where specialists are

Children with psychological problems should be concentrated where there are competent specialists to help them, said Latvian Healthcare Minister Anda Čakša in an interview to 900 seconds programme of LNT.

Education and science workers trade union oppose sending kids to school at age of 6

Because no answers have been received on multiple matters associated with starting school like at the age of six, Latvian Education and Science Workers' Union opposes this proposal from the Education and Science Ministry.

Weather in Latvia to become warmer next week

On Friday, 2 March, high atmospheric pressure will dictate weather in Latvia. Under its influence the clouds will part and no precipitation will come. Air temperature will stay at -5° C… -9° C, as reported by Latvian State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.