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Sunday 29.03.2020 | Name days: Agija, Aldonis

Three VUGD officials detained over suspicions of fraud

The Internal Security Bureau has detained three State Fire and Rescue Service officials over possible fraud in an organized group, as confirmed by the bureau.

Kristīne Misāne presented with charges in Latvia

Latvian citizen Kristīne Misāne, who previously faced extradition to the South African Republic, has been presented charges in Latvia, as reported by LTV.

Buyers in Latvia urged to maintain 2 m distance from one another when shopping

In all shopping locations, including stores, markets and pharmacies, people will have to maintain a 2 m distance from one another, as journalists were informed by Economy Ministry’s deputy state secretary Zaiga Liepiņa on Monday, 16 March.

Kariņš on Covid-19: state will procure all what’s necessary; number of infected reaches 34

All the necessary equipment and protective clothes needed to battle Covid-19 coronavirus will be procured by the state. Companies will also be provided with state support, said Latvia’s Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš after the 16 March meeting of the Crisis Management Council.

Latvian government forms special group to support businesses and prevent Covid-19 damages

Following Latvian Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš’s order, a government group for support of entrepreneurship and employed people for the prevention of economic consequences caused by Covid-19 coronavirus, as confirmed by the prime minister’s press-secretary Sandris Sabajevs.

Weather in Latvia to become sunny second half of the week

Cyclone activity will dominate the weather in the first half of the week – precipitation is expected on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. From Friday onwards, however, anticyclone activity will increase – weather will become sunny and precipitation will calm down, as reported by Latvia’s Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

Number of Covid-19 infection cases in Latvia reaches 30

Four new coronavirus Covid-19 infection cases were found in Latvia yesterday. This makes the total number of infection cases in Latvia reach 30, as reported by the Disease Monitoring and Prevention Centre.

Next week’s centralized school exams in Latvia pushed to May

Latvia’s Cabinet of Ministers decided on Saturday, 14 March, to postpone centralized school exams until May.

Stay home. Latvian government shuts down all international passenger services

It has been decided to shut down all international passenger services starting from Tuesday, 17 March, as announced by Latvia’s Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš after an extraordinary meeting of the government.

Upwards of one billion euros to be allocated to reduce Covid-19 impact on economy in Latvia

To reduce the impact of the spreading coronavirus Covid-19 on the economy, Latvia plans to allocate upwards of one billion euros to support companies, as journalists were told by Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš on Friday, 13 March.

Latvia’s industrial production volume decline in January more rapid than EU’s average

In January 2020 industrial production output in Latvia, when compared to the same period of 2019 had declined 4.5%, which is a more rapid decline than the average in the EU, according to data published by Eurostat on Thursday, 12 March.

Latvian Fiscal Discipline Council recommends postponing tax reform

Considering uncertain economic development and high risk level, it would be best to postpone the tax reform, as well as other fiscally-sensitive activities until the situation has normalized, as the newly-elected Fiscal Disciplinary Council concluded at its first meeting.

28.6% of Latvian households have difficulty making ends meet

In 2019 the share of households who paid for usual necessary expenses with difficulty or great difficulty constituted 28.6 %, which is 7.1 percentage points less than in 2018.

Latvia declares state of emergency over Covid-19 until Easter

Because of the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus in Latvia, authorities have declared a state of emergency until Easter. A number of strict restrictions will be adopted, as officials declared after an extraordinary meeting of the government on Thursday, 12 March.

Winergy-related people sentenced to prison for defrauding Latvia’s state budget funds

Riga Regional Court has sentenced three people who were previously associated with wind turbine park LLC Winergy to prison for defrauding state budget funds worth EUR 2.1 million.

Latvian government conceptually supports increasing wages for teachers

During the development of the 2020 budget for Latvia, parties forming the coalition conceptually agreed on an increase of wages for teachers starting with 1 September 2020, as reported by Education and Science Ministry.

Latvian NVA invites employers to apply for training of desired employees

Latvian State Employment Agency has organized a campaign for requests from employers for training of desired workers as part of European Social Fund project Support for unemployed persons’ education and its activity Training over employers, NVA confirms. Employers will be able to submit applications until 25 March.

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