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Wednesday 16.01.2019 | Name days: Lida, Lidija

LTAB: it was a relatively peaceful year for vehicle insurance industry

«While 2017 was rich with all kinds of processes for the vehicle insurance sector that had a considerable effect on the market, this year was relatively calm in comparison. Insurers had to pay more attention to sorting out internal processes,» says chairman Motor Insurers' Bureau of Latvia Janis Abašins.

Security Police search Kaimiņš’s office and find no «bug»

Security Police have performed a search in Saeima deputy Artuss Kaimiņ’s office. The ‘suspicious object’ found under his table is reportedly not an audio surveillance device.

A snowy Christmas for most of Latvia and a rainy one for western Latvia

At the end of the week, the layer of snow in Latvia is expected to increase. Nights will become colder, too. Next week, however, western regions will experience some thaw and rain, whereas eastern regions will remain cold and snowy.

Saeima asks government members explain legality of MPC system

On Thursday, 20 December, Latvian Saeima supported requests submitted by two parliament deputies in relation to mandatory procurement component system and asked the government to explain Economy Ministry’s subsidized electricity state support scheme and legality of this system.

Ameriks remains the chairman of Riga Freeport

With votes from members of Riga City Council, ex-Vice Mayor of Riga Andris Ameriks managed to retain his post as chairman of Riga Freeport board.

KGB bag to be published on the internet on 20 December

KGB files in Latvia will be published on the internet on 20 December, as confirmed by Latvian National Archive.

Ministry: it is critically important for Latvia to strengthen competitiveness of its economy

Latvia’s economic growth has become considerably more rapid in 2017 and 2018 when compared to previous years. Stable growth is noted for exports, investments, private and state consumption. Latvia’s GDP has grown around 4.7% in the first three quarters of 2018, BNN was told by Economy Ministry.

Latvian residents shop using local e-commerce portals; Chinese shopping sites popular, too

78% of Latvian internet used different shopping portals in the past year. 13% plan to do this in the future. While Latvian internet stores were most often used to purchase insurance, foreign portals were used to purchase footwear, clothes and different accessories, according to results of a study performed by Gemius.

Latvia to submit its initial Energy and Climate Plan to European Commission

Latvia’s Cabinet of Ministers has gone through Economy Ministry’s initial National Energy and Climate Plan for 2021-2030 and has supported its submission to the European Commission.

Latvia will most likely have to wait for government’s approval until next year

Although a large number of potential minister candidates for Krišjāņis Kariņš’s proposed government, it is unlikely for the new government to be approved this year, according to politicians participating in government formation talks.

Orkla Confectionery & Snacks Latvija invests EUR 53,000 in biscuit production plant

Chocolate and confectioneries production company Orkla Confectionery & Snacks Latvija has invested more than EUR 53,000 in modernization of a biscuit and waffle production plant located on Artilērijas Street. Additional funding has allowed the company to install a powder sugar dosing pot.

Will Nils Ušakovs stay as Mayor of Riga?

Members of Riga City Council will meet at 15:00 on 18 December to decide on the dismissal of Riga Mayor Nils Ušakovs. According to the head of Riga City Council faction of the National Alliance Nauris Puntulis: «Ušakovs should follow Andris Ameriks’ example and step down voluntarily.»

Companies fined 33,268 euros for distorting competition in public procurements

Latvia’s Competition Council has discovered illegal coordination of activities between SIA Tomega and SIA BTK.LV on multiple occasions. The council has decided to fine SIA Tomega EUR 33,268 for intentionally distorting competition in public procurement procedures.

City Property Committee Olegs Burovs to be nominated for Riga Vice-Mayor’s post

During a board meeting of the Honour to Serve Riga party, members decided to propose the head of Riga City Council’s City Property Committee Olegs Burovs, as confirmed by a member of the political party Mareks Gailītis.