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Wednesday 18.09.2019 | Name days: Liesma, Elita, Alita

Swedbank code cards to remain in use for one more week

A week from now, from 9 September onward, Swedbank clients will no longer be able to use code cards to use internet banking services, Swedbank warns.

Audit shows some Latvian municipalities are slow in matters of teachers’ wages

Half of the ten municipalities inspected last year still have not adopted State Audit’s recommendations to prevent unequal treatment of teachers when it comes to matters of wages, SA reports.

LTV: Riga Freeport pays firm owned by ex-board chairman’s son for website maintenance

Since 2013 Riga Freeport has paid the firm owned by Agris Ameriks, the son of once chairman of the freeport’s board and Vice-Mayor of Riga Andris Ameriks, for maintenance of the freeport’s website, as reported by public broadcaster LTV programme De Facto.

Nearly 215 000 Latvian children to commence studies in new school year

2 September marks the beginning of the 2019/2020 school year in Latvia. Approximately 215 000 children are set to open a new chapter in their lives, according to provisional data from Education and Science Ministry.

IMF: Being slow in combating financial crimes could push Latvia to «grey list»

The International Monetary Fund has expressed concern over Latvia’s results in tackling financial crime and called for a faster implementation of Moneyval recommendations.

Riga U-turns on new waste rules, waiting for competition probe outcome

The Riga City Council has postponed the review of rules on the future regulation of waste management in the Latvian capital, while the Competition Council weighs, whether to introduce a ban on public waste contracts with AS Tīrīga.

Latvia’s contract on buying 32 new electric trains comes into effect

For Latvian train company AS Pasažieru vilciens to buy 32 new electric trains, a contract with Czech manufacturer Škoda vagonka has entered into force after the latter submitted a collateral security for the implementation of the contract, said a representative of the Latvian firm.

Latvian average salary reaches 1 083 euros in Q2

Latvian average monthly salaries have reached 1 083 euros in quarter two of 2019, Latvian official statistics showed. In the 2nd quarter of 2019, the highest earnings among the Baltic states were registered in Estonia, namely EUR 1 419 for full-time work.

Latvian agricultural forecasters expect crops good enough to recover after losses of 2018

Cereal crops in Latvia in 2019 are expected to be very good as evidenced by wheat crops of up to six tonnes per hectare, showed the forecasts by plant cultivation specialists at the Latvian Rural Advisory and Training Centre.

Latvian corruption watchdog fines firefighter chief for hunters in premises

The Latvian corruption watchdog has fined the chief of the State Fire and Rescue Service and two more officials of the body for allowing a fire station to be used by a hunters’ club in the countryside.

Half of Latvians trust EU, poll by European Commission finds

The proportion of Latvians trusting the European Union is on a rise, surpassing 50%, showed an opinion poll by the European Commission on the life in the EU.

No competition for Latvian top police posts, minister says

In the Latvian state police, currently, there is no competition – the view was expressed by Latvian Interior Minister Sandis Ģirģens on Tuesday, April 27, in interview with LNT news programme 900 sekundes.

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