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Ceturtdiena 21.11.2019 | Name days: Andis, Zeltīte

Latvian Saeima rules in favour of industry businessmen – overtime pay to reach 50%

Overtime pay in industries that have signed a general agreement will not be allowed to be lower than 50% of set hourly rate, according to new legislation approved by the Saeima.

Riga election commission’s head explains public transport company's generosity

In three years Chairman of Riga City Election Commission Juris Kokins received from public transport company Rīgas satiksme EUR 75,000 before taxes for parking lot monitoring, Kokins told TV3 News.

No more cash for real estate deals, Latvian budget committee decides

On Tuesday, 26 March, Latvian Saeima’s Budget and Finance Committee supported for viewing the last reading amendments to the Taxes and Duties Law that provide prohibition of use of cash money in real estate sale and purchase deals, as reported by Saeima’s press-service.

Construction costs in Latvia up 5.2% in February

Compared to January, the level of construction costs in Latvia rose by 0.4 % in February 2019. Maintenance and operational costs of machinery and equipment increased by 0.8 %, prices of building materials – by 0.5 %, while labour remuneration of workers decreased by 0.1 %.

Latvian Saeima: audit results of Riga public transport company should not be kept secret

Results of the audit performed at Riga municipality’s public transport company SIA Rīgas satiksme should not be kept a secret, because they cover he use of public resources, according to members of Saeima’s Public Expenditures and Audit Committee.

Latvian minister: FCMC board should be compiled of people free of external influences

The board of the Finance and Capital Market Commission should be composed of people free of external influences, said Latvia’s Justice Minister Jānis Bordāns after a government meeting.

Latvian parties organize candidate lists for upcoming European Parliament elections

In the European Parliament elections coming this May, Latvian Russians Union with Tatyana Zhdanok at the helm will start with Nr. 1 in Latvia. New Unity with Valdis Dombrovskis as the helm will be the last party among all submitted candidate lists.

Latvian State Roads: country’s roads suffer from fewer potholes than before

Fewer potholes have been noted on state roads in Latvia this year when compared to a year prior, said Latvian State Roads board chairman Jānis Lange in an interview to LTV programme Rīta Panorāma on Tuesday, 26 March.

Allowance for invalids in Latvia suffering from motor disorders to be increased by EUR 100

Starting from 1 July 2019, allowances for children and adults suffering from severe motor disorders since childhood and who require special care will be increased by EUR 100, as provided by amendments to the Law on State Social Allowances approved in the final reading by Saeima’s Budget and Finance Committee.

Latvian Saeima to study Estonia’s experience with packaging deposit system

Saeima’s National Economy Committee and Environment and Climate Sub-Committee plan to hold a joint meeting on Wednesday, 27 March, to discuss Estonia’s experience and principles in the implementation of a beverage packaging deposit system, BNN was told by Saeima’s press-service.

Latvia's MPC abolishment plan includes plans A, B and C; more information to come later

Latvia’s Economy Ministry has completed Saeima’s given order and has prepared amendments to regulations for abolishment of electricity procurement component as early as the end of March 2019, as confirmed by Economy Minister Ralfs Nemiro after a coalition meeting.

PHOTOS: 70 years pass after tragic events of 25 March 1949 in Baltics

2019 marks 70 years since the deportations of March 1949, when USSR occupational forces performed forced large-scale deportations of Baltic residents to far-away regions of USSR. More than 90,000 Baltic residents, with nearly half of them from Latvia, were deported as a result.

Latvia’s Finance Minister says state budget cannot afford more funding requests

Latvia’s 2019 budget does not have sufficient money to afford allocating financing for additional requests submitted by Saeima deputies, said Finance Minister Jānis Reirs after an extraordinary meeting of the government.

Association: deposit system should receive support from the Latvia or EU funds

Beverage packaging deposit system’s introduction in Latvia should be supported financially by either the state or European Union funds, says chairperson of Latvian Federation of Food Companies Ināra Šure.

Latvian Cabinet of Ministers refuses to allocate additional funds in 2019 budget

During an open meeting on Monday, 25 March, Latvia’s Cabinet of Ministers refused to allocate additional finances in the 2019 budget. At the same time, members of the government accepted several proposals that clarify the order in which finances are allocated.

Latvian state auditor: benefit from cash register reform was dubious

The country’s benefits from the cash register reform are unclear, said Latvian State Auditor Elita Krūmiņa in an interview to LNT programme 900 seconds on Monday, 25 March.

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