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Saturday 21.07.2018 | Name days: Meldra, Meldris, Melisa

Bank of Latvia’s foreign reserves mount to 5.469 billion euro

Compared to May, the Bank of Latvia’s foreign reserves rose 3.83% in late June, hitting 5.469 billion euro (LVL 3.702 bln).

Latio: average price of standard apartments down 0.5%

In June, the average price of square metre at standard apartments in Riga dropped slightly for the second consecutive month, reaching 578 euro – three euro or 0.5% less than in May.

Average forest renewal costs hit 338 lats per hectare

Last year, the average costs of forest regeneration were 228 – 358 lats per ha, depending on forest land quality group. The average costs of forest renewal per hectare are affected by the soil preparation, sapling and planting costs. In 2010, the highest costs of soil preparation and planting were observed in the forest land of 4th quality group.

Other murder cases likely in Ventspils transit business conflict

In the so-called Ventspils transit business some other businessmen’s lives could be at risk, concedes Jānis Jurkāns, politician and former head of the association Baltic Association – Transport and Logistics.

Economists: average price level keeps rising

In June 2011, the average price level in Latvia continued to increase. Compared to May, prices might have risen 0.2% – 0.4%. While according to economists' estimates, the price surge is likely to be at 4.7% – 5% over the year.

Apartment prices surge 4.9% over the year

In June 2011, apartment prices in Riga climbed 0.6%, due to the overwhelming demand over the supply of quality apartments at new projects, resulting in increased sales prices.

Settlement of multi-million dispute between airport and airBaltic approved

Riga District Court approved on Wednesday, July 6, a settlement attained few months ago in the dispute between Riga International Airport and the Latvian airline airBaltic on recovering a debt of 3.42 million lats.

Survey: 38% of Latvia citizens would vote for new political force

With his presidential term coming to end, Valdis Zatlers plans to announce on July 8 whether he will form his own party before the upcoming emergency parliamentary elections in autumn. TNS Latvia survey shows that 38% of the economically-active residents of Latvia would vote for a new political force.

Anti-corruption bureau’s workers happy about Vilnitis leaving

The anti-corruption bureau's employees are relieved about Normunds Vilnitis dismissal from the chief's post, now being able to focus on immediate tasks, rather than writing endless explanations, said Alvis Vilks, the renewed Deputy Director of CPCB.

Latvia reports second highest retail growth in EU in May

In May 2011, Latvia reported the second largest retail turnover increase (2.0%) in the European Union, according to the EU official statistics office Eurostat.

Medicine wholesales grow 7%

In May 2011, medicine wholesalers in Latvia sold medicinal products worth 18.02 million lats, including the value added tax, which is 7% more than in April 2011.

77.84% more new companies registered in first half-year

In the first half of this year, 9 495 new companies and their branches were registered, which is 77.84% more over the same period last year, according to data compiled by Lursoft. Moreover, the number of newly-registered businesses keeps growing.

Swedbank: middle-aged men choose life insurance the most

In Latvia, life insurance is more popular among men, besides, the main life insurance buyers are people aged 30-50 years.

Investigation launched at police regarding airBaltic’s application on Economy Minister

A departmental investigation has been initiated at the State Police regarding airBaltic's application about the Economy Minister Artis Kampars. Initially, the airline turned with the application to the Prosecutor General's Office; however, it was then sent to the SP Chief for the organization of investigation and decision-making.