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Tuesday 18.09.2018 | Name days: Liesma, Elita, Alita

The Economist forecasts long and hot summer for Latvia

Latvia is currently under threat to produce more news than it can actually consumer, reports business newspaper The Economist, pointing out a long and hot summer expects Latvia.

Cargo freights surge in all means of transport

In the first quarter of 2011, freights carried by all means of transport reported a rise. 14.83 million tons of freights were carried by rail ─ a growth of 11.7% over the first quarter of 2010.

Constitutional Court Justice calls for her power suspension

On assessing information from the General Prosecutor Office, Vineta Muižniece, Constitutional Court Justice, calls for suspension of her power today, May 3. She announced this right before the CC session where it was planned to elect the deputy chairman.

Spilve airport price list finally approved

A year has passed since Spilve airport does not have an offical price list approved by Riga City Council. Up to now, all payments were made voluntarily, while now the Finance and Administration Committee has approved it.

Government ceases to exist due to pre-election battle

Political parties have started the pre-election fight, so it is possible to say that the government has virtually ceased to exist, believes Ainars Slesers, one of the leaders of the political association For Good Latvia!.

People drive less to save up money

Nearly half or 47% of the car owners indicate over the past year they have started to go by car less frequently or drive smaller distances, entirely giving up several trips. Such a change in habits is linked to people's desire to cut costs of petrol.

Bank of Latvia: domestic demand may boost GDP growth

Export recently boosting Gross Domestic Product can soon be accompanied by the domestic demand as well, says Oļegs Krasnopjorovs, economist at the Bank of Latvia.

More people don't have money to visit doctors

Last year, 4.6% of the population in Latvia characterised their health condition as "very good", but, still, the biggest proportion of them opted for more modest assessment, with 44% characterising their health condition as "good" and 34% - as "fair". Whereas, 13% of the respondents described their health as "bad" and 3.2% - as "very bad".

Court to continue reviewing Ventspils mayor's criminal case

Today, June 2, Riga District Court is to continue reviewing the so-called Ventspils mayor Aivars Lembergs’ criminal case. The previous hearing was held on Tuesday, May 31, when the court heard in camera Gints Laiviņš-Laivinieks, former lawyer of the Lembergs.

Census reveals grim results

By surveying residents of Latvia at their dwelling place, 1.9 million people were counted as of May 30 – around one-third million less than indicated in the official data of the Central Statistical Bureau.

51% of Latvia population say Zatlers will be re-elected

Half (51%) of all the economically active population in Latvia aged 18-55 believe the current President of Latvia Valdis Zatlers will be re-elected, with 5% of them claiming he will be elected repeatedly and 47% pointing out this is the most likely scenario.

Strong alcohol prices surge at stores

The price of strong alcoholic beverages has risen as of Thursday, June 2, confirm the largest traders in Latvia.