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Tuesday 23.07.2019 | Name days: Magda, Magone, Mērija

Latvia wants Lattelecom profit in dividends

The state of Latvia as the co-owner of Lattelecom will propose paying out the entire 2010 profit in dividends, however, an accept is still needed from the part of the other shareholder - Scandinavian telecommunications concern TeliaSonera, Economy Ministry of Latvia state secretary Juris Pūce told.

Euro loans are still popular

For several months, the lat interest rates on shorter time-limits were lower than the euro ones. While in terms of loans, the euro is still the most popular currency in Latvia.

Schibsted acquires TVNET

The Latvian Internet portal TVNET announces it has been purchased by a Scandinavian media group Schibsted Estonian branch Schibsted Baltics.

Subsistence minimum rises to 172.28 lats in February

This February, the subsistence minimum increased to 172.28 lats, amounting to 23- month-high, according to the Central Statistical Bureau data.

Newsec: investors from various countries see prospects in Riga property investments

Private investors from different countries are seeing prospects for investments in Latvia’s capital Riga, the real estate company Newsec Latvia Executive Director Olga Kozina concluded last week after the real estate exhibition MIPIM 2011 in Cannes.

95-octane fuel price at Statoil stations exceeds 90 santims

The price of 95-octane fuel at Statoil refuelling stations has mounted over 90 santims. Today, March 14, the price of this octane fuel at Latvija Statoil full-service gas stations increased by 0.5 santims, reaching 90.4 santims per litre.

Līvu alus reports highest growth in Latvia’s beer market – 9.1%

In 2010, the Latvian beer brand Līvu alus managed to double its sales volumes and the market share, overall achieving the largest increase in the beer market among all the Latvian beer producers, informs representatives of Cido Group.

External trade drops 14.7%

The total external trade turnover at current prices formed 880.7 million lats in January 2011 – 14.7% or 151.9 million lats less than in the previous month, but 42.6% or 263.1 million lats more than in January 2010, according to the Central Statistical Bureau.

650 000 of Latvia population take part in online Census 2011

More than 650 000 of the residents of Latvia have registered in the population census 2011 electronically, according to the Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) data.

Businessmen rate Dombrovskis government as mediocre and rather good

On a scale from 2 to 9 (poor – very good), entrepreneurs assess the two-years work of the government led by the Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis between mediocre and rather good, giving it 5.63.

Dropping companies average capital

Upon analysing capital of the companies registered during the past ten years, it can be seen the greatest capital was recorded in 2005, when it amounted to 606.2 million lats, while 2010 saw the biggest drop, declining by 38.19%.

Prime Minister concedes 10% pensions cuts

For the sake of budget stabilization, the Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis is considering the possibility of reducing pensions by 10%, the Prime Minister admitted.

Lattelecom not affected by crisis

Despite the crisis, in 2010 the telecommunications company Lattelecom managed to maintain the turnover at the level of 2009. Namely, the company concluded last year with a turnover of 139 million lats, which is approximately the same as a year before, the Chairman of Lattelecom Board Juris Gulbis reveals.