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Friday 13.12.2019 | Name days: Veldze, Lūcija

Number of households living on social benefits rises 8%

Due to the economically-active household members' job loss, the proportion of households with remuneration as the main source of subsistence has decreased from 66% in 2008 to 59% in 2009. At the same time, the proportion of households sustaining from social benefits has climbed from 29% to 37%, respectively.

Maxima does not fear Rimi as competitor

It is a positive tendency that there is competition among companies. The tougher the competition, the better it is for the consumer, Maxima representative Ivars Andiņš told the business news portal BNN upon commenting on the new Rimi hypermarket opened in Imanta very close to them.

Budget deficit hits 123.6 million lats

In the first two months of 2011, the state budget revenues comprised 572.7 million lats, while the expenditure – 696.3 million lats, forming a deficit of 123.6 million lats, according to the State Treasury data on the budget implementation for period January–February.

BIGBANK' profit in 2010 – 5.3 million euro

Last year, BIGBANK’s profit totalled 5.3 million euro. The bank’s interest rate income comprised 31.3 million euro, while the interest rate expenses – 8.1 million euro, according to the company’s annual report.

Ex-Chief Architect: Riga Development Plan calls for corrections

Riga Development Plan 2006-2018 definitely needs certain corrections, the former Riga City Chief Architect Jānis Dripe says, adding that he had intended to keep improving it.

Businessman Ravis might acquire more companies shares

In addition to SIA Latvijas energoceltnieks ( construction company LEC) shares the businessman Guntis Rāvis acquired in February this year, he might as well get hold of another one or two companies shares.

80% of Latvia’s population regard healthcare system as costly and ineffective

More than 80% of the surveyed population believes that the Latvian health care system does not meet their needs. Moreover, to improve the situation, the respondents consider not only additional funding is necessary but also significant changes to the system itself, according to DnB NORD Latvijas barometrs data.

Experts: Riga might run out of quality office space

Office space segment has not only stabilized, it is also growing. Moreover, the property market is recovering exactly in the capital city, which is still the center of real estate activities.

Average remuneration in Latvia down by 3.5%

Compared to 2009, last year the monthly average gross remuneration in Latvia dropped from 461 to 445 lats or by 3.5%. In public sector, the reduction comprised 6.8% (from 505 to 470 lats), of which in general government sector – 8.2% (from 472 to 433 lats) and in private sector – 1.4% (from 433 to 427 lats).

CSB: completed questionnaires no longer accessible online

The Central Statistical Bureau cannot exclude the possibility that someone is illegally using other persons’ data when filling out the census questionnaire. By carrying out such actions the person is engaging in illegal processing of personal data, which is a criminal offence, emphasizes the Head of the CSB Aija Žīgure.

Everyone can freely obtain Census data and change it

Online Census 2011 system allows freely obtaining data on the persons that have already registered, if the personal identification number and passport number are known, which, in turn, can be traced with the help of both Internet search engines and various official documents and registers.

State Audit Office: Interior Ministry should promote employees professional training

The Interior Ministry has not ensured a single professional education system for public officials with special service ranks at the IM system colleges, the State Audit Office has concluded.

Rīgas piena kombināts wants to take over Rīgas piensaimnieks to become dairy giant

Dairy Rīgas piena kombināts is currently negotiating with its competitor Rīgas piensaimnieks owners possible acquisition of the Riga-based milk processing company and a merger.

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