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Wednesday 13.11.2019 | Name days: Jevgēņija, Jevgēņijs, Eižens

EU sugar reform based on wrong data

The sugar reform carried out by the European Union (EU) was based on dated data without taking into consideration sugar beet producers interests, according to the European Court of Auditors.

Minister of Interior: I take responsibility by solving the police crisis

I take full responsibility by solving the crisis situation currently at the police, the Minister of Interior comments upon the recent tragical events in a town of Latvia Jekabpils, at the same time dismissing the opinion she should resign.

Debts to cost the state budget even more

This year, the state will have to direct more than half a billion of lats to the domestic and external debt repayment. In 2010, the government debt rose by 785.92 lats or 18.3%, amounting to 5.08 billion lats.

Food not to become cheaper amid stable prices

Food price gains are linked to the VAT rise, global energy resources price surge and the low base of the last year, the Bank of Latvia President Ilmārs Rimšēvičs told.

Experts: consumers to buy expensive telecommunication devices in 2011

The year 2011 will be characterized by clients’ activity to change the outdated telecommunication devices to new, expensive and prestigious ones, the Chief Executive of the Latvian Telecommunications Association Jānis Lelis informs the business news portal BNN.

Valmieras piens best selling product in 2010 - yogurt

AS Valmieras piens provisional turnover in 2010 amounts to 29.6 million lats, which is 9% more than in 2009. The yogurt segment reported the biggest sales volume growth, spiking 31%, compared to 2009.

Maxima fined 45 000 lats for slow settlement with producer

The Competition Council has imposed the chain store Maxima a 45 000 lats fine for the abuse of its dominant market position in retail, when settling for the bakery SIA Siguldas Maiznieks products. The settlement period has been excessively long.

LTV and Latvijas Radio likely to merge

The public media – Latvijas Televīzija and Latvijas Radio – technical existence will be undermined in the next two to three years, because much of the existing radio and television assets base has zero value. Therefore, the National Council for Electronic Media is asking to support and incorporate its proposal of a new Latvian public electronic media establishment in the government’s action plan.

Child benefits in Latvia the smallest in EU

Over the last two decades 1998 reports the lowest birth rate, when the number of babies born dropped below 20 000, while the highest one was registered in 1987 and 1988 with 40 000 babies. At the same time the number of women at a fertile age has remained more or less flat.

Rīgas siltums: heating bills to be smaller in January

In January the heating bills will be lower, both compared to December 2010 and January 2010, AS Rīgas siltums Board Chairman Normunds Talcis indicates.

State officials to have limited access to vehicle permits

The Ministry of Transport has decided to disallow state administration employees to require vehicle permits.