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Ceturtdiena 15.11.2018 | Name days: Undīne, Leopolds, Unda

Lithuania Diary. Negotiations on diversification of gas supply and aftemath of presidential and EP elections

Lithuanian government has given its approval to gas supply negotiations with Statoil. In other developments, results of presidental and European Parliament elections might bring change in the government and coalition.

Lithuania waits for «green light» on adoption of Euro

In early June, the European Commission and the European Central Bank will announce their decisions on whether Lithuania can adopt the single currency in 2015.

Lihuania bans sale of energy drinks to minors

Lithuania has banned drinks that contain 150 milligrams of caffeine per litre from being sold to minors. The ban also applies to such popular brands as Red Bull and Monster Energy.

Lithuania also fails to enter Eurovision finals

Similar to Latvia and Estonia, Lithuania’s representatives failed to enter the finals of Eurovision this Thursday, May 8th.

Lithuania to compete for a place in Eurovision finals

This Thursday, May 8th, the second Eurovision semi-finals will begin at 22:00 (Latvia local time). Lithuania’s representatives will compete for a place in the finals.

Russia to give Kaliningrad to Lithuania

During a state visit to Vilnius on April 1, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced he would sign an order giving the Baltic exclave of Kaliningrad to Lithuania as a present.

PHOTO: people rally in Lithuania in support of Ukraine's protesters

A demonstration was held in Lithuania near the parliament building in commemoration and support of protesters in Ukraine.

British newspaper suggests Lithuania as alternative to investment in Asia's stock markets

Britons, who invest in company stocks, often pay too much attention to fluctuations of growing Asian markets and speculations on reduced monetary stimulus in the U.S. After a fall in value of leading British company stocks in January, the Telegraph sees potential profit for investments in Lithuanian companies.

Lithuania registers company intended for Rail Baltica 2 project

Lithuanian Railway has registered a subsidiary Rail Baltica Statyba with the State Enterprise Centre of Registers. This company will follow the progress of Rail Baltica 2 project and will officially represent Lithuania in this project.

Value of Lithuania's largest dairy factory surges after Russia removes ban on dairy products

The value of AB Pieno žvaigždės shares has jumped at the Vilnus stock exchange following the company's announcement that Russia has lifted its import ban restricting the import of Pieno žvaigždės produce.

Lithuania concludes its presidency over the European Council

The last couple of days that mark New Year’s also mark the end of Lithuania’s presidency over the European Council.

Lithuania continues heating pipeline modernisation

Lithuanian Ministry of Economics has allocated European Union funding in the amount of 7.8 million euros to heating network rebuilding works throughout the country, ELTA, LETA and Baltic Course write.

Lithuania: EU right to free movement is a value not to be abused

Lithuania strongly defends the right of European Union citizens to move freely throughout the bloc's territory; however the right and national social welfare systems should not be abused. According to Lithuania Tribune such a view, at a meeting of EU interior ministers, was voiced by the representative of Lithuania, reacting to British concerns over mass migration.