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Ceturtdiena 19.07.2018 | Name days: Jautrīte, Kamila, Digna

Vilnius airport services record number of passengers

Vilnius International Airport passenger traffic has been showing a steady upward trend since 2011. Results of January 2012 are the best of all January statistics in the company's history.

Taxi drivers on strike in Vilnius

Taxi company workers carried out a protest action in Vilnius, in the morning on the 8th of February. About fifty cabs kept driving in circles for several hours near the Pedagogical University.

Frost brings profit to car-service centers

Klaipeda streets are mostly empty because of -20 degrees Celsius frost. Car-service center owners are happy because of the sudden client flow these days: the reason for the absence of cars is frost.

Lithuanian economy grows by 5.8% in 2011

Last year Lithuanian economy grew by 5.8%. This is four times more than that of 2010, when the increase was 1.4%.

Wages of Lithuanian ministers depends on their work experience

Even though the economic crisis is not over, wages of some members of Lithuanian government continue to increase.

Survey: Lithuania should improve relationship with Russia

More than one third of residents living in big cities of Lithuania as principal aim of foreign policy have mentioned improvement of relationship with Russia.

Lithuanian boat helped rescue Costa Concordia passengers

Also a Lithuanian boat lent a helping hand in rescuing passengers from the cruise liner Costa Concordia, which ran aground near the Italian coast.

Andrius Kubilius’ son is now an emplyee for Google

In Jauary 2012 the elder son of Lithuania’s Prime-minister Andrius Kubilius, Vytautas Kubilius has become the Business Development Manager of Lithuania’s Google branch.

Palink insolvency causes 300 000 LVL worth of losses per week

The Iki and Cento store network operator Palink's insolvency, declared by the Court, is causing losses worth 300 000 LVL per week, The General Director of the Lithuanian mother-company UAB Palink Marsels Harasti reveals.

Snoras temporary administrating costs 3.2 million LVL

Simon Frinkly’s and his teams’ temporary administrative services of Snoras Bank cost 16 million LTL (3.2 million LVL), Lithuanian National Bank reports.

Lithuania still plans to join eurozone in 2014

The Lithuanian government has announced that despite the state president's skepticism, it will do its best to join the eurozone in 2014.

Lithuania President limits alcohol availability

The Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite has signed amendments to the law on the control of alcohol, according to which sale shall be restricted to packaging.

Kubilius singles out «Russian awakening» and «Arab spring»

Speaking about the most important events in 2011, Prime Minister of Lithuania Andrius Kubilius points at the so-called Arab spring, the EU debt crisis and Russian protests.

Lithuanians are tired of saving

This year’s Christmas trade turnover has exceeded all expectations. Some people believe that buyers opened their wallets a bit more, because they’ve gotten used to the crisis by now and others believe that people are simply tired of saving money.

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