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Sunday 26.05.2019 | Name days: Varis, Eduards, Edvards

Vilnius to invite tourists to visit their relatives' graves

The Lithuanian govenrment is set to identify which foreigners have been buried in Vilnius and invite their relatives to visit these graves.

Vilnius will look even better

Vilnius city administration once again started to discuss the possibility of improving the general look of the city. The first step – is to analyze the visual state of the capital. Half a million LTL (102 000 LVL) is planned to be allocated for the purposes of this project.

Snaige refrigerator factory now owned by Russians

The only Snaige production factory in Baltic countries was bought by Alexei Kovalchuk. The Russian businessman is prepared to push Lithuanian refrigerators on Russian market.

IKEA may choose Lithuania to open first shop in Baltics

It might be confirmed already this week that IKEA will choose Vilnius as the location of its very first shop in the Baltic States. Total investments in the furniture shopping center are expected to hit 47 million euro (33 million lats).

Lithuanian means of enrichment: luxury taxation

Lithuanian Prime Minister Andrus Kubilus believes that the country’s budget would receive a benefit of approximately 100 million LTL (about 20 million LVL), by taxing expensive property: real estate, fast cars etc.

Lithuanian government cuts spending of presidency, Seimas and ministries

In 2012 budget, the Lithuanian govenrment is cutting spending of presidency, Seimas, prime minister's office and ministries, according to the Cabinet of Ministers.

Antonov can be jailed for 10 years in Lithuania and 3 years in Latvia

British Financial Services Authority once banned Snoras from entering the country on the grounds that the bank is controlled by the Russian billionaire Vladimir Antonov, The Times reported in 2009.

Prosecutor's Office could interrogate ex-president of Lithuanian Central Bank

General Prosecutor's Office of Lithuania could interrogate the former Chairman of the Lithuanian Central Bank - Reinoldius Sharkinas - about the Snoras case.

NATO to conduct flying training above Latvia

On 21 and 22 November, the tenth Baltic Region Training Event will take place in the airspace above Latvia and Lithuania. “The focus of BRTE X is on demonstrating and practising regional air integration,” says Group Captain Stephen Richards.

Kubilius accuses Snoras shareholders of financial crimes

Lithuanian Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius believes that the two leading Snoras shareholders - Russian citizen Vladimir Antonov and a Lithuanian native Raimundas Baranauskas - should be held liable for committing financial crimes.

Latvijas Krajbanka: Lithuanian Central Bank's move applies to Snoras and only

The decision of the Lithuanian Central Bank to suspend work of Snoras, which is one of Latvijas Krajbanka shareholders, applies only to Snoras exclusively. The move in no way applies also to us, according to Latvijas Krajbanka.

Lithuania suspends work of Snoras bank

Lithuania Central Bank Lietuvos bankas decided on November 16 to appoint a temporary administrator to AB Snoras bank and apply temporary preventive measures to ensure protection of the bank's assets.