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Monday 16.09.2019 | Name days: Dārgs, Asja, Asnate, Dāgs

Palink insolvency causes 300 000 LVL worth of losses per week

The Iki and Cento store network operator Palink's insolvency, declared by the Court, is causing losses worth 300 000 LVL per week, The General Director of the Lithuanian mother-company UAB Palink Marsels Harasti reveals.

Snoras temporary administrating costs 3.2 million LVL

Simon Frinkly’s and his teams’ temporary administrative services of Snoras Bank cost 16 million LTL (3.2 million LVL), Lithuanian National Bank reports.

Lithuania still plans to join eurozone in 2014

The Lithuanian government has announced that despite the state president's skepticism, it will do its best to join the eurozone in 2014.

Lithuania President limits alcohol availability

The Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite has signed amendments to the law on the control of alcohol, according to which sale shall be restricted to packaging.

Kubilius singles out «Russian awakening» and «Arab spring»

Speaking about the most important events in 2011, Prime Minister of Lithuania Andrius Kubilius points at the so-called Arab spring, the EU debt crisis and Russian protests.

Lithuanians are tired of saving

This year’s Christmas trade turnover has exceeded all expectations. Some people believe that buyers opened their wallets a bit more, because they’ve gotten used to the crisis by now and others believe that people are simply tired of saving money.

76% Lithuanians sure of not losing their job

The most part of employed Lithuanians (76%) are convinced that, at least in the near future, they will not lose their job. Average indicator in European Union (EU) is a little higher – 82%.

Long queues in Lithuanian post offices

Residents of Lithuania do not want to learn from their mistakes. Each year before Christmas and New year there are long queues in post offices, although post officials always suggest to dispatch presents for relatives abroad very timely.

Former Snoras clients purchase real estate

Snoras bank collapse has contributed to growing distrust in banks and stirred the real estate market. This is especially felt in Vilnius, where more and more people pay for small apartments in cash.

Biggest pessimists live in Lithuania

More than a half (57%) of Lithuanians believe that the economic situation in the country has been deteriorating over the past few months. Only 7% of the respondents say that the situation has improved, while 33% believe that it has not changed.

Lithuania adopts 2012 budget plan

On the 20th of December late in the evening, Lithuanian parliament adopted the 2012 state and municipal budget, which barely exceeds this year’s budget. Deputies approved of the coalition’s agreements which would allow to decrease the deficit, which suddenly increased by 1 billion LTL (204 million LVL).

Grybauskaitė: USA – to be security guaranty

President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaitė stated in an interview to the Lithuanian TV3 channel that even though USA is their main partner in defense, official Vilnius will not become an instrument in anyone’s hands.

Grybauskaite stingy with state awards

Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite is not particularly generous with granting state awards. The number of those she has after all granted lags well behind the generosity of her predecessors.

Vilnius to invite tourists to visit their relatives' graves

The Lithuanian govenrment is set to identify which foreigners have been buried in Vilnius and invite their relatives to visit these graves.