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Monday 20.05.2019 | Name days: Venta, Salvis, Selva

Latvian Saeima and Economy Ministry still study outcome of MPC system’s abolishment

Economy Ministry has prepared amendments to the Electricity Market Law, which provide for abolishment of mandatory procurement component system. The ministry is currently busy compiling information regarding the potential influence this decision could have on the national economy.

Latvian prime minister denies claims of his family having ties to offshores

On Wednesday, 13 March, Latvian Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš denied in an interview to LNT 900 seconds programme claims regarding his family having ties with offshores in Cyprus.

Latvian security service expects provocations during Legionnaires Remembrance Day

Latvian State Security Service predicts that radical persons will take part in events associated with 16 March in an attempt to realize their personal interests.

Rail Baltica’s high-speed trains will course once every two hours

It is planned that Rail Baltica high-speed trains will course once every two hours, according to Rail Baltica representative Līva Biseniece.

Latvia’s foreign trade turnover down 0.1% when compared to previous year

In January 2019, the foreign trade turnover of Latvia amounted to EUR 2.07 billion, which at current prices was 0.1 % less than a year ago, of which the exports value of goods was 0.6 % lower, but imports value of goods was 0.3 % higher.

Survey: youngsters in Latvia save money for travel or first mortgage instalment

More than 60% of youngsters in Latvia aged 18 to 25 make regular savings, diverting a specific amount from income every month. Most youngsters save money for travel or first mortgage instalment, as concluded in SEB Bank’s survey.

Minister: wages of the least paid people in interior sector should be increased

Latvian Interior Affairs Minister Sandis Ģirģens wants to increase wages for the ‘least paid people’ employed in the interior affairs sector, as the minister told LNT programme 900 seconds.

Latvian PNB Banka to be supervised by European Central Bank from now on

Following a proposal from Latvia’s Finance and Capital Market Commission, European Central Bank has decided to take over supervision of PNB Banka, as confirmed by FCMC.

Sudden snowfall in Latvia complicates driving conditions; 170 snow-clearing vehicles deployed

Intense snowfall and ice on roads has made driving conditions on Latvia’s state and regional roads this morning. Slippery segments of roads are now being coated with anti-slip materials, as reported by Latvian State Roads.

Latvian state and municipal institutions rush to erase employee wage lists

Following the ruling of the Constitutional Court, Latvian state and municipal institutions rush to erase from their websites information containing names of employees and the wages paid to them, as reported by LNT News.

Study: 76% would gladly work after retiring; one fifth say work will be a necessity

76% of residents interviewed by Swedbank would gladly continue working after retiring. Approximately half would agree to part-time employment. One-fifth of interviewed people admit – work after retirement will be necessary for them to survive.

Minister hopes to sort out Riga airport’s taxi problem soon

In an interview to Rīta Panorāma on Monday, 11 March, Latvian Transport Minister Tālis Linkaits said he hopes to resolve the taxi problem at Riga International Airport by May this year.

Take two in Estonia coalition-building as Centre rejects Reform's offer

Estonia grand coalition attempt fails after two largest parliamentary parties fail to agree on tax policies. Election winners, Reform Party, are now focusing on their other option with social democrats and national-conservatives.

Latvijas auto: Brexit could complicate Europe’s road freight transport industry

Britain’s exit from the European Union could affect EU’s freight flow and logistics, creating pressure on competition, says Latvijas Auto Chairman Andris Lubāns.

Spring not here yet – snow and negative temperatures expected in Latvia

Similar to last week, precipitation and strong wind is expected in Latvia this week. With influence from the cyclone, many parts of Latvia will experience precipitation in the form of snow. Moderate north-west wind will reach a speed of 15-17 m/sec, meteorologists say.

Week in Lithuania. Georgia, Lithuania to cooperate in cyber security

Lithuania and Georgia plan to cooperate in the area of cyber security by sharing experience and exchanging information about threats and incidents.

Latvian police registered 1,677 incidents in schools last year

In 2018, a total of 1,677 incidents were registered in education institutions around the country. Most often police received information about physical violence – 424 such cases happened among children last year, BNN was told by the police.

Data: women are paid 10% smaller wages than men in the same jobs

Men in Latvia earn 10% than women in the same jobs, according to data from Paylab, which works in Latvia together with CV-Online database, studying long-term wage trends.