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Monday 23.07.2018 | Name days: Magda, Magone, Mērija

Number of passengers from Russia to Latvia increased in May

At the beginning of May, the number passengers travelling on the St Petersburg – Tallinn and St Petersburg – Riga routes has increased by 18% when compared to the same period of 2017. Half of those passengers travelled from St Petersburg to Tallinn, according to data from Lux Express.

Latvia’s Healthcare Ministry plans to compensate new medicines for a rare disease

Healthcare Ministry plans to include Remodulin to the list of compensated medicines. This medicine is used to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension. However, the ministry has yet to receive the necessary documents for approval, says minister Anda Čakša.

Pro-Russian activist arrested in Latvia for a speech at All-Latvian Parents Gathering

Pro-Russian activist Vladimirs Lindermans has been arrested for the speech he gave at an event organized on 31 March by Latvian Russians Union and Russian Schools Support Association called «All-Latvian Parents Gathering». In this speech he opposed liquidation of Russian language education in Latvia, says Lindermans’ lawyer Jeļena Kvjatkovska.

Corruption watchdog uncovers illegal donations made to political parties; UGF at the very top

In 2016, two political parties had received illegal donations worth EUR 33,223. The Union of Greens and Farmers received EUR 17,883 of this amount, as concluded by Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau.

Coca-Cola HBS limits sales of sweetened drinks near schools in Baltic States

One of the largest Coca-Cola drinks producers – Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company – has decided to expand existing restrictions on the sale of sweetened beverages in primary schools. From now on, restriction to sell such drinks will apply to all secondary schools in all three Baltic States. This decision was made to help reduce the growing sugar consumption among children.

Association requests dismissal for Latvian minister and Saeima committee head

The board of «Attīstībai/ Par!» association requests dismissal for Latvia’s Healthcare Minister Anda Čakša and head of Saeima’s Social and Employment Matters Committee Aija Barča. The association also wants the two of them to take responsibility for the «chaos in the country’s healthcare system».

Tallinn Mayor Aas survives no-confidence vote

The Mayor of Tallinn Taavi Aas from Estonia's ruling Centre Party has survived a no-confidence vote at the Tallinn City Council as 38 out of the 79 council members voted against him on Tuesday, May 8.

Cardiologist: people should learn to rest well to avoid heart problems

Cardiovascular diseases in Latvia remain some of the most common causes of death and disability among Latvia’s residents. What is particularly worrying is that the number of youngsters suffering from such diseases increases with each passing year. In 2016, heart problems were the cause of death for 280 people aged up to 44, according to representatives of Euroaptieka.

Survey: more than half of Latvian residents form savings for family’s financial security

55% of Latvian residents form savings in a bank. This is 20 percentage points more when compared to 2016. Residents primarily form savings to ensure their own and their family’s financial security (52%), followed by retirement plans (37%), travel (23%) and major purchases (22%), according to results of a survey by Norvik Bank.

SP warn: Russia reports misleading information about 9 May celebrations in Latvia

Latvia’s Security Police invites residents to be observant and be critical of provocative statements reported in the information space. This is especially true for public events organized in Riga and other parts of Latvia on 9 May.

Industrial output in Latvia increased 0.6% in March

Compared to March 2017, industrial production output increased by 0.6 % in March. Production output in manufacturing went up by 1.5 %, while in mining and quarrying as well as in electricity and gas supply it fell by 5.9 % and 2.1 %, respectively.

MEP: government’s lobbying ability will play major role in talks about EU multi-year budget

In talks regarding the next multi-year budget of the European Union, the ability of Latvia’s current and future government to lobby its interests in Brussels and with governments of the largest donor member states, allows member of the European Parliament Artis Pabriks.

Estonia visited by 39% more Russian tourists this spring

At accommodation establishments in Estonia in March 2018, five percent more domestic and foreign travellers have stayed than in the first spring month of 2017, Estonian statisticians have estimated.

Latvian government conceptually support diverting LDz profits for railway development

Latvia’s government has conceptually supported establishing the portion of Latvijas dzelzceļš profits to be paid in dividends in 2018-2020 at 0%, allowing the company to use profits and divert them to the development of infrastructure development and restoration, as confirmed by LDz.

This week’s weather in Latvia to be dry and sunny; rain to appear at the end of the week

Anticyclone activity will continue dictating weather in Latvia this week – air temperature will gradually increase and weather will be sunny and dry because of that. Current forecasts suggest that thunderstorms will once again appear above Baltic States on weekends, as reported by the State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

Ministry: closure of TV channels will not help resolve Kremlin’s propaganda problem

Closure of any number of television channels would not help resolve the problem with Kremlin’s propaganda, because disinformation along with propaganda is reported using different distribution channels, including the internet, said Latvian Culture Ministry’s state secretary for public, integration and media affairs Inita Pauloviča.