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Friday 20.07.2018 | Name days: Ramona, Ritma

Riga City Council increases budget deficit outlook to nearly 90 million euros

After a nearly seven-hour session, Riga City Council approved amendments to its budget plan that increase the city’s expenditures by EUR 42.38 million and the expected deficit to EUR 89.31 million. The opposition voted against changes.

Cross-border support for petition against closure of Valga maternity ward

In Estonia, as part of a push to keep the maternity ward of the Estonian-Latvian border town Valga open, a petition and signatures have been submitted to Riigikogu Speaker Eiki Nestor.

Construction costs in Latvia increased 0.3% in February

Compared to January, level of construction costs in Latvia grew by 0.3 % in February 2018. Labour remuneration of workers rose by 0.9 %, while prices of building materials as well as maintenance and operational costs of machinery and equipment by 0.1 %.

Tax increase on fuel has affected car use habits in Latvia

The increase of excise tax on fuel, adopted on 1 January 2018, has affected 93% of drivers in Latvia, according to a survey performed by Neste petrol station network. So far 39% of all drivers admit that fuel price changes were a major reason for them to change their driving habits.

Expert: EU-Russian relations will depend on Putin’s foreign policy

The future of relations between the European Union and Russian Federation will largely depend on whether or not Russian President Vladimir Putin decides to continue an aggressive foreign policy, says East European Policy Research Center’s researcher Māris Cepurītis.

Estonian Versobank loses operating license

The credit institution's license of Estonian lender AS Versobank has been withdrawn by the European Central Bank at the recommendation of the Estonian Financial Supervision Authority.

Maxima: turnover grew in food stores at the beginning of 2018

Retail trade turnover in food stores grew by 9% in January 2018 when compared to the same month of 2017. This includes 5.8% increase in non-specialized stores and 62.2% in specialized stores, according to information from Maxima retail compass industry review.

Russian ambassadors summoned in Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, report Russian agencies

Russian news agencies report that ambassadors of Russia have been summoned by Lithuania, Estonia and Poland.

Riga City Council to set up 20 minute time limit for Q&A sessions

The ruling coalition of Riga City Council plans to add changes to the controversial rules. Instead of limiting the total number of questions deputies are allowed to ask, the coalition has decided to set up a time limit for questions and answers sessions.

Diena: ex-minister plans to build a pharmaceutical factory in Uzbekistan

The newly founded company SVC Group, which belongs to the now former Healthcare Minister of Latvia Guntis Belēvičs and deputy chairman of Latvijas gaze, chairman of Itera Latvija and Dinami Riga council Juris Savicskis, plans to build a pharmaceutical factory in Uzbekistan, as reported by Diena.

Bank: residents plan to entrust their life in retirement to the state

Latvian residents plant to put the weight of their lives in retirement on the shoulders of the state. 61% of them hope to receive on average EUR 860 in their pension. General involvement in creation of timely savings for retirement remains low, as shown by results of Swedbank’s performed study.

Russian ministry: transition to education only in Latvian will impact Latvian-Russian relations

Amendments approved by the Saeima to perform a full transition to education in Latvian language in the country’s schools will have a negative impact on mutual relations between Latvia and Russia, and Latvia will be the one responsible, as announced by Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry.

Rail cargo volumes between Belarus and Lithuania increased 15% last year

The Belarus railway company Belarusian Railway has estimated that freight volumes between the country and Lithuania have increased 15% in 2017.

Estonia's work immigration quota of 2018 close to completion already

Estonia's quota of accepting work and economic immigrants from non-European Union member states that has been set at 1 315 persons in 2018 is close to being fulfilled in March already.

Week expected to be dry and cold in Latvia; more precipitation to come at the end

This week’s weather in Latvia will be dictated by a low-atmospheric pressure area and atmospheric front. The sky will be cloudy for the most part at night. Roads may become icy in eastern parts of the country, as reported by State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.