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Tuesday 11.12.2018 | Name days: Valdis, Voldemārs, Valdemārs

Nano-water scheme’s participant involved in another Rīgas satiksme criminal case

In October the prosecutor’s office submitted to court a criminal case in which four people are accused of defrauding EUR 800,000 from Rīgas satiksme in different washing chemical procurements in 2013 and 2014. However, investigators are still interested in the company – police suspect the company of foul play in procurements.

Weather to become colder in Latvia this week; more snow expected

Precipitation is expected at the beginning of the week – mostly snow and wet snow. Coastal regions can expect rain. The amount of clouds will reduce gradually in the middle of the week. Wind will draw in from the south in the second half of the week, carrying warmer masses of air to the country, as reported by State Environment, Geology and Meteorology.

Latvian president to meet with all parties represented in the Saeima

On Monday, 26 November, Latvian President Raimonds Vējonis intends to meet with all parties elected to the Saeima. It is worth mentioning that representatives of KPV LV and Attīstībai/Par! will meet with the president in a joint meeting.

Week in Lithuania. PM expects EU commission's approval for food vouchers

Lithuanian Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis says there should be no problem obtaining the European Commission's approval for a food voucher system that was approved by the government on Wednesday, November 21. The plan is to allocate food coupons to families with preschool-age children at the initial stage of the scheme.

Association declares state of emergency in Latvia’s hospital sector

Latvian Hospital Association has declared a state of emergency in relation to the ruling of the Supreme Court on limiting overtime work for medical personnel, as confirmed by the association’s chairman Jevgēņijs Kalējs.

Social protection expenditures up 5% in Latvia

In 2017 social protection expenditure in Latvia accounted for EUR 3 974.8 million and, compared to 2016, it has grown by EUR 188.5 million or 5.0 %. Expenditure on survivors function rose by 10.5 %, on sickness and heath care by 6.8 %, and on disability function by 4.9 %.

SRS announces procurement for next year’s receipt lottery

In order to organize a receipt lottery next year, Latvia’s State Revenue Service has organized a procurement project for receipt lottery organization and implementation services.

Estonia's Kaljulaid not to take part in UN vote on migration compact

As the Estonian government has proved unable to decide on it support to the UN Global Compact for Migration, Kersti Kaljulaid, the President of Estonia, has unveiled she would not attend a vote on it at the UN General Assembly in January, in New York.

SRE: putting off construction digitization means halting industry’s development

«Digitization of construction will allow us to ensure transparency, term and budget control, as well as efficiency. Any delays could cost Latvia’s construction industry’s development and international competitiveness,» said State Real Estate board member Kitija Gruškevica at Construction 2018 conference Wednesday, 21 November.

13th Saeima has yet to commence official government formation talks

No progress was made on Thursday, 22 November, in relation to any compromise from political parties in regards to the new government. On top of that, parties still have not commenced any official talks about the formation of the Cabinet of Ministers.

Snow expected on weekends in Latvia; air temperature to drop considerably next week

Some precipitation is expected in Latvia at the end of this week and beginning of the next – mostly snow and wet snow, as reported by State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

FVS: excessive use of antibiotics puts human and animal health at risk

Antimicrobial resistance that appears as a result of often consumption of antibiotics presents a major threat to human and animal health, said Māris Balodis, director general of Latvia’s Food and Veterinary Service, at the conference «Together against antimicrobial resistance».

Human Rights Committee decides on formation of Media Policy Sub-Committee

On Thursday, 22 November, Saeima’s Human Rights and Public Affairs Committee decided to form a Media Policy Sub-Committee and invite Saeima factions to delegate their representatives by 27 November, as reported by Saeima press-service.

Producer price level in Latvia up 5.3% in October

Compared to September, level of producer prices in Latvian industry rose by 0.1 % in October 2018. Prices of products sold on the domestic market fell by 0.5 %, while prices of exported products went up by 0.7 %.

AP: Saeima budget committee ready to resolve EMS funding problem

Saeima’s Budget and Finance Committee is prepared to immediately resolve the problem of insufficient funding for Emergency Medical Service if it is requested by Finance Ministry and Healthcare Ministry, said the committee’s newly-elected chairman Mārtiņš Bondars in an interview to 900 seconds programme of LNT.

Fake news portal owner Niks Endziņš released from arrest

Niks Endziņš, who is accused of writing and publishing fake news, has been released from arrest. A security measure not associated with deprivation of freedom has been applied to him instead, State Police representative Gita Gžibovska said without mentioning the name of the suspect.