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Wednesday 16.10.2019 | Name days: Daiga, Dinija

Shut-down apartment building near Zolitude tragedy site to be finished

Riga City Council and Zolitūde 21.11. Association have reached an agreement in regards to the shut-down apartment building located in Riga, Priedaines Street 20. The plan is finishing the building’s development to ensure it is safe to use for living, as confirmed by the association’s head Regīna Ločmele-Luņova.

FKTK candidate says she is stuck amid «political infighting»

«I believe I have simply ended up in the middle of political infighting, market dispute, or whatever,» public broadcaster LTV programme 900 seconds was told by Santa Purgaile, candidate for the post of chief of Finance and Capital Market Commission.

Bordāns: education minister’s dismissal would mean collapse for the government

If partners of the ruling coalition in Latvia request dismissal for Education and Science Minister Ilga Šuplinska, the existing Cabinet of Ministers will cease to exist, says New Conservative Party leader and Latvia’s Justice Minister Jānis Bordāns.

Ombudsman claims guaranteed minimum income level breaches Latvia’s Constitution

Latvian Ombudsman Juris Jansons plans to turn to the Constitutional Court, asking judges to declare the existing guaranteed minimal income level breaches Sections 1 and 109 of the Constitution of the Republic of Latvia, as confirmed by Ombudsman’s Office Communication and International Cooperation Office head Ruta Siliņa.

Construction sector’s illness: 51% of companies are aware of unofficial payments

Cartels are not a sudden appearance in Latvia, it is a phenomenon that has been swept under the rug for a long time, as experts explained at the «Competition in business: influence of cartels, lobbyist activity and black PR» discussion organized by Turība University.

Amended methodology for reduction of electricity transmission tariffs approved in Latvia

The Public Utilities Commission has approved the amended methodology to help reduce electricity transmission system’s service tariffs. For the new tariffs to come to force on 1 January 2020, AS Sadales tīkls needs to submit the tariff project to SPRK for approval as soon as possible, the commission reports.

Informal talks commence about Bank of Latvia governor’s possible successor

Political parties in Latvia have started discussing possible candidates to replace Ilmārs Rimšēvičs as the next governor of the Bank of Latvia, considering his term runs out 21 December 2019. However, parties are reluctant to make these discussions public, as reported by newspaper Latvijas Avīze.

Construction State Control Bureau takes charges of MPC plants and energy policy

As of 1 January 2020, supervision and control over electricity mandatory procurement component mechanism in Latvia will be performed by Construction State Control Bureau, as decided by Latvia’s Cabinet of Ministers.

KNAB's detained Latvijas valsts ceļi board member is dismissed

As the shareholder in road maintenance company VAS Latvijas valsts ceļi, Latvia’s Transport Ministry has decided to dismiss board member Edgars Strods from his post following his detainment by Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau.

Competition Council’s decision on waste management services in Riga kept in effect

The Administrative District Court has decided to keep in effect Competition Council’s temporary regulation aimed at preserving the structure of competition on the waste management market in Riga, as confirmed by CC.

Purgaile’s approval as FCMC’s next director postponed by government

Latvia’s Cabinet of Ministers has decided to postpone decision-making in regards to the approval of Citadele Bank’s board member Santa Purgaile as the next director of Finance and Market Capital Commission.

KNAB detains road maintenance company Latvijas valsts ceļi board member

On Tuesday, 1 October, Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau detained road maintenance company Latvijas valsts ceļi board member Edgars Strods, according to information from LETA.

Latvia’s National Health Service to be managed by deputy director Labsvīrs

As of 1 October, Latvia’s National Health Service will be managed by deputy director for healthcare administration affairs Edgars Labsvīrs, as confirmed by Healthcare Ministry.

Will Kalnmeiers last until term’s end? Supreme Court sees no reasons for dismissal

Marika Senkāne, senator of the Supreme Court of Justice, has not found any justifiable reasons to request Prosecutor General Ēriks Kalnmeiers’ dismissal, as reported by Supreme Court’s representative Rasma Zvejniece.