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Sunday 15.09.2019 | Name days: Sandra, Gunvaldis, Gunvaris, Sondra

Latvian government approves 2019 budget draft

On Tuesday, 5 March, Latvia’s Cabinet of Ministers approved a legislative draft for the state budget of 2019, as confirmed by Finance Ministry’s representatives.

Survey: 20% of Latvia’s small and medium-sized businesses offer goods and services online

20% of small and medium-sized companies in Latvia offer their goods and services on the internet. 22% of Lithuanian and 25% of Estonian small and medium-sized companies do this, too, according to results of a survey by SEB Bank.

Number of tourists in Riga reached a new record last year – 3.5 million

Last year, Riga attracted a record large number of tourists – 3.5 million of foreign guests visited Latvia’s capital city in 2018, according to information compiled by Live Riga. The largest number of visitors came from Germany – 176.9 thousand or 11.9% of all foreign guests.

Latvian minister puts on hold e-health system’s third stage

Healthcare Minister Ilze Viņķele has decided to put on hold commencement of the third stage of e-health system to instead clarify planned activities, organize priorities and give more time to Healthcare Ministry and National Health System, so that they are able to meet with e-health users’ representatives and discuss planned activities with them.

Warning: ice on roads in Vidzeme and Latgame complicates driving conditions

In some places in Vidzeme and Latgale ice on state and regional roads complicates driving conditions, as confirmed by Latvian State Roads.

Riga City Council allocates requested EUR 130 million grant to Rīgas satiksme

During a meeting of shareholders and board members of SIA Rīgas satiksme, it was decided to provide the company with EUR 130 million grant, as well as continue optimizing the company’s expenses, said Riga City Council Chairman Nils Ušakovs.

Vilnius to suggest Belarus to run Astravyets nuclear plant on gas from Lithuania

The head of the Lithuanian government has voiced plans to ask Belarus to change the fuel of its near-complete nuclear power plant to gas provided from Lithuania’s liquefied natural gas terminal and a planned gas connection with Poland.

Business contest in Liepaja receives 31 projects for a total amount EUR 515,000

The small and medium-sized commercial associations projects co-financing proposal launched by Liepaja Municipality has received 31 projects with for a total amount of EUR 515,000, BNN was told by Liapaja city’s municipal administration’s public relations specialist Daces Freidenfeldes.

Prosecutor hit by wage cut after Saeima deputy Askolds Kļaviņš’s criminal case

Prosecutor General Ēriks Kalnmeiers has decided to reduce for six months the wage of prosecutor Arvis Miglāns for violating the law in the criminal case launched against former Saeima deputy Askolds Kļaviņš.

Could Latvia attract lacking medical personnel from Ukraine and Belarus?

In spite of wage growth, Latvia still suffers from shortage of medical personnel in hospitals and ambulance brigades, said Latvian Medical Association’s leader Ilze Aizsilniece in an interview to LNT.

De Facto: Ušakovs’ press-secretary received money from Rīgas satiksme

For nearly three years Riga City Council Public Relations Office head Laila Ivāna and several other city council employees were paid wages in Rīgas satiksme, LTV programme De Facto reports.

Air temperature in Latvia to be positive this week; rain and strong wind to appear, too

Weather in Latvia this week will be dictated by activity of several cyclones – rain and strong wind are expected. Air temperature will be above 0° C. The only exception will be the evening of Tuesday and Wednesday, when air temperature is expected to drop below 0° C, meteorologists predict.

Week in Lithuania. Supreme Court apologises for «lost trust in justice»

Lithuania's Supreme Court on Thursday, February 28, issued an apology to the public for lost trust in justice amid an ongoing investigation into judicial corruption, also adding that honest judges have also been affected by comments criticising the judicial system.

Latvian ministry ordered to pay EUR 9.3 million to construction companies

Riga City Vidzeme Suburb Court has partially satisfied the plea submitted by National Association of Construction Companies, which is responsible for the construction of Latvia’s National Library, and has enforced from Latvia’s Culture Ministry EUR 9,272,319.

Platform created to improve equality on the labour market

A virtual labour market Openness is Treasure was created on Zero Discrimination Day, 1 March, during a gathering of dozens of companies.

Average earnings before taxes in Latvia were EUR 1,004 in 2018

In 2018 the average gross wages and salaries for full-time work in Latvia comprised EUR 1,004. Compared to 2017, average wages and salaries rose by EUR 78 or 8.4 %, moreover in all economic activities.

SKDS: three quarters of smokers have no plans to drop smoking

61% of smokers living in Latvia have no plans to replace cigarettes with alternatives less hazardous for human health, as determined by a survey performed by SKDS.