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Tuesday 25.09.2018 | Name days: Rauls, Rodrigo

Experts: crisis still lingers in construction

Construction - one of the most crucial sectors for the Latvian national economy - is in a very challenging situation, as the downfall is still not over for the industry representatives and the first official results of this year prove that.

One fourth of EU funds acquired

As of late June 2011, the respective ministries have acquired one fourth of the EU funds planned for this year, according to the Finance Ministry.

Additional 7 million lats allotted to road repairs

Funds allocated for road repairs will be granted an additional package of 7 million lats to improve surface of the major roads in the country, Ilze Eida, Transport Minister representative, told the business news portal BNN.

Google to begin collecting images in Latvia for Google Maps Street View

Google announced today, July 28, it is about to begin imagery collection in Latvia to improve Google Maps and Street View feature in its Google Maps. In the coming weeks, Google cars will begin driving and taking photographs of locations around Latvia.

People fear air pollution in Riga

The majority (67%) of the economically active population aged 18-55 are worried about air pollution levels in Riga and other cities of Latvia.

Doctors obliged to prescribe cheaper medicines

Upon prescribing reimbursable medicines for a patient for the first time, doctors will have to suggest the cheapest ones, according to the amendments drafted by the Health Ministry.

Lithuanian medical students must pledge not to smoke

Applicants to the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences will have to sign a pledge not to smoke. The legally not binding contract will be signed together with an entrance agreement.

24% would agree to envelope wages

Despite the majority (71.6%) of working people are sure they want their remuneration to be official, nearly one fourth of them (24.5%) would agree at least to partial envelope wages.

Lithuania’s economy to expand 4.9% in 2011 and 4.6% in 2012

Growth of Lithuania’s GDP will accelerate in 2011 and 2012, prices will soar more rapidly, but unemployment will slump only slowly. Market participants predict that GDP will grow by 4.9 percent in 2011 and by 4.6 percent in 2012.

Economic downfall still ongoing among people

Since early 2011, about 60 physical persons insolvencies have been initiated, it is about two to three per day - more than among legal persons. Moreover, since late 2008 up to mid-July 2011, a total of 812 insolvency cases of physical persons have been initiated.

Financial Times: Latvian parliamentary crisis worries investors

When Latvia's then-President Valdis Zatlers called for the Saeima dissolution, many perceived it as a political suicide. Two months have passed and Zatlers is now back in the political game, moreover, with a new party of his own, says analyst for Financial Times.

Estonians borrow more than two years ago

Companies borrowed a total of 584 million euros in loans and leasing in June and this sum accounts for one of the highest monthly turnovers over the past two years.

DnB NORD survives «stress test»

DnB NORD Bank shareholder - DnB NOR bank (Norway) has survived the EU bank stress test very well and results show the bank is a strong financial entity not under threat of theoretical turmoils in the European economies, according to the bank's statement.

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