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Monday 20.05.2019 | Name days: Venta, Salvis, Selva

Tverijons calls businessmen's morality and ethics base

Banks are ready to resume lending, but they are not going to make the same mistakes again, points out the Latvian Commercial Banks Association President Teodors Tverijons. He explains «the fat years» accustomed businessmen to developing their business at the expense of money that is not their own.

40% of Estonians still against the euro

Thanks to the smooth transition to the EU single currency the euro, the number of its supporters has surged, however the figure of those against it still amounts to 40% of the respondents.

CC: lower prices formulation to boost medicines producers competition

Both the Cabinet of Ministers approved surcharge system and the medicines producers fight for the doctor's, instead of the patient's choice in case of analogue medicines have not permitted to fully make use of the option to set lower prices to medicines.

Riga drafts almost 3 000 protocols for uncleared pavements and roofs

Since the beginning of December 2010, the police and inspections have overall drawn up about 3 000 administrative acts in Riga, of which around two thousand were prepared in January, the business news portal BNN was informed by the Riga City Council.

CPCB arrests Vaskevics for giving bribes worth 50 000 euro to SRS official

On January 31, 2011, the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau detained the Finance Ministry’s public official for bribery in the framework of criminal proceedings. The sum of the bribe amounts to more than 50 000 euro.

Latvia in risk of loosing EU funds

The generous European Fund, which has provided Latvia with nearly a half billion of euros over the past six years, may become more «thinner» in 2014. New European fund allocation regulations are actively discussed in Brussels and the current scenarios are not looking favourable for Latvia.

IMF: Latvia's policy should be more conservative

Given that it is difficult to forecast precise fiscal indicators, Latvia should be more conservative in its policy, considers the Senior Advisor at the International Monetary Fund European Department Anne-Marie Gulde-Wolf.

LEC Chairman: unfair businessmen should have limited access to tenders

In order to boost the construction sector development, the government should revise the Public Procurement Law and limit unfair businessmen participation in tenders to a maximum, considers the Chairman of SIA Latvijas Energoceltnieks (construction company LEC) Board Andris Asars-Asarovskis.

Ventbunkers will call for the intervention of the Latvian Government regarding Litasco

Negotiations between AS Ventbunkers and the Lukoil subsidiary Litasco did not lead to any result because of the totally unreasonable position of Litasco. Ventbunkers will call for the intervention of the Latvian Government, informs Dr. Rudolf Meroni, chairman of Ventbunkers Supervisory Board.

McDonald's launches three new restaurants in Latvia

Three new McDonald’s fast food restaurants in Riga will welcome visitors this year. Moreover, the company will launch its first restaurant in one of the biggest cities in Latvia as well, thus announcing itself as resolved to conquer also the regions, the company's representatives informed the business news portal BNN.

Latvian ports cargo turnover drops 1.3% in 2010

Cargo turnover at Latvian ports reached 61.16 million tons last year, it is 1.3% less than in 2009. Ships at Latvian ports loaded and transshipped 55.72 million tons of cargo in 2010, surpassing the indicators of 2009 by 3.2%, according to the Central Statistical Bureau.