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Monday 16.09.2019 | Name days: Dārgs, Asja, Asnate, Dāgs

Business to need hard-working immigrants

By the year 2060 Latvia will have the fastest drop in the number of inhabitants in Europe, according to the European Union (EU) statistics office Eurostat forecasts. While the Latvian economists argue the shortage in labour market will take place already in six to seven years

Criticism on the new Latvenergo tariff project

The Public Utilities Commission is criticizing AS Latvenergo submitted tariff project, providing related users are applied differentiated tariff, as not complying with legal acts. The Ministries of Welfare and Environmental Protection and Regional Development are also objecting to the new tariff.

State securities worth two million lats to be auctioned

Today, February 3, the state long-term fixed-rate bond auction will take place, where securities at the extent of two million lats will be issued.

Macro-economic indicators index grows by 5.3%

The macro-economic indicators composite index has surged 5.3% in December 2010, compared to the corresponding period of the previous year.

Latvia hits flu epidemic threshold

Latvian average incidence of influenza or flu exceeded epidemic levels in the fourth week of January, according to the Infectology Center of Latvia.

SEB bank ATM cash deposits surge 53%

Last year reported a considerable surge in SEB bank ATM deposits and withdrawals, cash deposits spiked 53% during the year, reaching 58.5 million lats.

Danske Bank: Latvia’s GDP to grow 2.9% this year, next year – 3.1%

Latvia’s gross domestic product indicators could grow 2.9% in 2011, while in 2012 – 3.1%, indicates Danske Bank’s Baltic macroeconomic outlook.

SAF Tehnika turnover spikes 44%

The company SAF Tehnika second quarter unaudited net turnover of the fiscal year 2010/11 totalled 2.97 million lats – 44% more than in the second quarter of the previous FY.

Tverijons calls businessmen's morality and ethics base

Banks are ready to resume lending, but they are not going to make the same mistakes again, points out the Latvian Commercial Banks Association President Teodors Tverijons. He explains «the fat years» accustomed businessmen to developing their business at the expense of money that is not their own.

40% of Estonians still against the euro

Thanks to the smooth transition to the EU single currency the euro, the number of its supporters has surged, however the figure of those against it still amounts to 40% of the respondents.

CC: lower prices formulation to boost medicines producers competition

Both the Cabinet of Ministers approved surcharge system and the medicines producers fight for the doctor's, instead of the patient's choice in case of analogue medicines have not permitted to fully make use of the option to set lower prices to medicines.