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Wednesday 21.08.2019 | Name days: Linda, Janīna

Anti GPS tracking device versus service vehicle tax

Anti GPS tracking device available on the Internet for 15 lats threatens the Finance Ministry's intention to collect 12 million lats from the service vehicle tax use for private needs.

8 000 households still left without electricity

Electricity supply still has not been renewd to about 8 000 Latvian households, according to AS Sadales tīkli data.

Producer: we risk fragmenting business by diversifying it

There are a lot of things we could produce, but we cannot risk fragmenting the business too much either, says tea Anna Bergmans producer and farm household Upmaļi owner Māra Bergmane.

A Council building inspector - in 17 official posts

A building inspector of a certain district takes up 17 state official posts at the same time, 15 as a Chairman or building inspector in different municipalities, as well as a Ltd. Board member, thus making illegal income, according to the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (CPCB).

Farmers Parliament: they make us scapegoats

«Although the Finance Ministry banned discounts for diesel, they blame us,» points out the organization Farmers Parliament representatives.

Swedbank: Latvia to expect growth in 2011

Judging from 2010 results, this year will bring growth, say Swedbank economists, adding that non-implementation of qualitative reforms threaten the future development.

Riga reduces heating tariffs

Starting from January 1 heating tariffs are reduced to 35.37 LVL/MWh (without VAT), which is 4% less than in the last three months of 2010, AS Rīgas siltums told the business news portal BNN.

Finance Minister orders SRS to ensure roof and territory removing from snow

Given that roofs have collapsed in several local government and private buildings, as well as in customs offices due to the uncleared snow, the Finance Minister Andris Vilks ordered the State Revenue Service Director General Nelija Jezdakova to immediately ensure that all SRS building roofs and territories are cleaned from snow.

Nationwide state of emergency to be solved in five days

If the weather permits and no emergency issues takes place, at least five days are necessary to solve the power loss problem, informs Latvenergo subsidiary Sadales tīkls Board Chairman Andis Pinkulis.

Several Latvian breweries set for sale

A number of breweries in Latvia have been put up for sale, as evidenced by the adverts published on the Internet.

Experts: Citadele to recover state investments

Bank Citadele will be able to regain the state's invested funds, but it is still a question, whether Parex Bank will succeed as well, says investment company Axio Capital Head Andis Riekstiņš, adding that it will not be easy to recover «the fat years» credits issued against a collateral.