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Saturday 25.01.2020 | Name days: Sigurds, Zigurds

Experts: another such week to result in fuel price hitting one lat

Another such week and the fuel price in Latvia will reach one lat. While in summer it will already exceed the one lat threshold, the political technologist Jurģis Liepnieks indicates to the business news portal BNN, when assessing the global oil market and the Latvian tax impact on the fuel price.

Exports comprise 30% of AS Rīgas Dzirnavnieks turnover

The company AS Rīgas Dzirnavnieks concluded the year 2010 with a turnover of 14 million lats, which is at the level of 2009. While the total export volume last year accounted for 30% of its turnover, the company’s representatives inform the business news BNN.

Profit grows despite the turnover drop

Considering the turnover drop by 37%, companies concluded 2010 with a profit, which is contrary to losses in 2009, according to the 8 400 companies’ annual reports submitted to Lursoft.

Regional and local televisions are being destroyed in Latvia

In Latvia, regional and local televisions are being gradually destroyed, the Chairman of the Latvian Regional Television Association and TV Spektrs owner Jānis Galviņš indicates.

Experts forecast oil price drops in late 2011

The global economy has not yet recovered enough to bear such high oil prices as at the moment, thus global oil prices could hit 105 dollars a barrel in late 2011, falling down to 98 dollars a barrel in 2012, Swedbank forecasts.

Baltkom finds investor and wants to acquire IZZI

The cable television and electronic communication company Baltkom has announced it abandons plans to merge with the cable TV provider IZZI and now is willing to acquire 100% of its shares.

Housing prices drop 0.7%

In March 2011, housing prices in Riga suburbs hovered around the levels of May 2010, dropping 0.7% on monthly basis. While apartments prices have gained 23.4%, compared to September 2009, according to Arco Real Estate.

Businessmen await FSC-certified wood

Wood manufacturers and wood product buyers are eagerly waiting for the company Latvian State Forests to resume the trade of round timber classified with the Forest Stewardship Council certificate.

Legal persons’ insolvency case initiation becomes costlier

Legal persons’ insolvency case initiation has become more expensive, points out Agnese Kveska, the Chairwoman of the Latvian Certified Insolvency Process Administrators’ Association. She also notes that the number of insolvency processes is dropping.

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