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Tuesday 23.04.2019 | Name days: Jurģis, Juris, Georgs

British conservatives mobilise for no-confidence vote against PM May

Angered by the decision to defer the Brexit deal ratification vote in the British parliament, fellow members of the British Conservative Party are rallying support for a no-confidence vote to remove Prime Minister Theresa May from power.

Tens of thousands sing to mark Estonia's restoration of independence

52,772 people have joined a singing event to mark the anniversary of the restoration of Estonian independence, with the majority of the singers singing along on the internet.

Estonia should invest in long-term productivity, environmental protection – evaluates OECD

As Estonia’s economic recovery gathers pace, it is time to work for sustainable development by protecting the environment and looking for ways to increase productivity, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development has recommended.

Latvia sees the largest number of lightning strikes in recent years

Approximately 20,000 lightning strikes were registered in Latvia on the night to Wednesday, 2 August. It is the largest number of lightning strike intensity registered in the country in the past several years, according to data from

1.7 million euros in severance pay sought by ex-Estonian Air employees

59 people, former employees of defunct Estonian flag carrier Estonian Air, are claiming in court that the current national airline Nordica that it owes them severance pay and other payments totalling over 1.7 million euros.

Putin assumes patriotic citizens could do cyber attacks as «artists»

Russian President Vladimir Putin has assumed that patriotic citizens of Russia could be involved in cyber attacks. British public broadcaster ERR reports that the Russian President stated on Thursday, June 2 that such individuals might be joining «the justified fight against those speaking ill of Russia».

Trump explains withdrawing U.S. from climate commitments with unfair terms

U.S. President Donald Trump has stated that due to unfair terms to the country he would quit commitments the U.S. has undertaken as part of the UN Paris Agreement with the aim of cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

Pilot error found as cause of Russian Black Sea plane crash

Investigators in Russia, who were looking into causes of what caused the military plane crash of December 25 2016, when it crashed into the Black Sea, taking the lives of 92 people, have concluded that most likely pilot error was to blame.

Lithuania raises Estonian hopes on refugee security interview agreement with Italy

A deal between Lithuania and Italy has sparked hope in the Estonian Ministry of the Interior that an agreement on security interviews of refugees in Italy could be reached this summer and would open relocation of refugees from Italy to Estonia.

Court in Germany: Parents of dead girl have no right to log on to her Facebook account

A German court has rejected the wish of parents of a dead teenage girl to log on to their daughter's Facebook account to read posts and messages.

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