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Ceturtdiena 27.02.2020 | Name days: Līva, Līvija, Andra

BGF.BV: Latvian tax system - its sore point in the eyes of investors

It is exactly the Latvian tax system that troubles investments attraction, thus also slowing down business development, Artis Davidnieks, representative of the Dutch investment company BGF.BV told the business news portal BNN. BGF.BV launched its activities in Latvia in August, 2011, with an aim to invest up to 50 million lats in prospective Latvian and Baltic businesses.

Ingman Saldējums: consumers have the right to know what they eat

Despite costs of raw materials for ice cream production rose over 10% on average, while costs of energy needed for production grew 6 – 8%, the choice of not substituting the cream with cheaper vegetable fats has paid off, Normunds Labrencis, Director of Ingman Saldējums, recognized in an interview to the business news portal BNN.

Spilva: it is vital to maintain production

Latvian food producers are actively seeking new export markets, as well as opportunities to boost their sales. While the state should work harder to ensure fair competition, Dana Erciņa, marketing director at SIA Spilva, told the business news portal BNN.

Newsec: property market recovery in Latvia lags behind other Baltics

Despite having activated in the past nine months and showing certain signs of optimism, Latvian real estate market recovery still lingers behind the one in the rest of the Baltic states, Olga Kozina, Newsec Latvia managing director, told the business news portal BNN.

Balticovo: speculative feed grain prices complicate situation in the industry

Although due to speculative feed grain prices the situation in the sector is complex, Latvia’s population have returned to the tradition to cook at home, boosting the eggs sales. For example, last year 500 million eggs were produced, Balticovo head Arnis Veinbergs points out.

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