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Wednesday 20.02.2019 | Name days: Smuidra, Vitauts, Smuidris

Payment card forgers were smarter before crisis

Payment card counterfeiters operated smarter before the crisis and were harder to catch, while currently, possibly due to despair their methods are «simpler», the largest payment card service provider First Data Latvija Executive Director Zanda Brīvule-Jansone indicates in an interview to BNN.

Amendments in Procurement Law to foster shadow economy

After the focus on short-term solutions during the crisis, the entrepreneurs’ interest in long-term investments is starting to return, for instance, in reputation and image creation, the Latvian Public Relations Companies Association Chief Executive Sandra Stepe told the business news portal BNN.

Lithuanians damage Latvian milk processing industry to overtake it later

Latvian Dairy Producers' Central Union's (LDPCU) Board Chairman Jānis Solks tells the business news portal BNN about the fuss around the state guarantee granted exactly to the company Latvijas piens and Lithuanians damaging the Latvian milk processing companies to gradually overtake them.

Restaurant Vairāk saules succeeded in tackling crisis

Remuneration will start growing and people will get their spirit of life back, the restaurant Vairāk saules co-owner Endijs Berzins told about their lesson of the crisis to the business news portal BNN.

Latvian Taxi Company Employers’ Association Head: taxi industry to turn «upside down»

In two months, Latvia taxi industry is to experience significant changes finally enhancing the market arrangement.

Haim Kogan: fuel excise tax increase will hit the country’s economy

Fuel excise tax must not be increased, such action would hit the entire country's economy, said Lukoil Baltija R Deputy Chairman Haim Kogan in an interview to the business news portal BNN.

Amount of businessmen debtors decreases in Latvia

The amount of debtors in the sector of legal entities has decreased, BNN.LV was informed by the Chairman of the newly founded Latvian-of-Court Debts Recovery Association (LOCDRA) (Latvijas Ārpustiesas Parādu Piedzinēju Asociācija) and Intrum Justitia director Agnese Priedite (Agnese Priedīte).

Latvia losing its competitiveness in logistics

In the recent months Latvia has been losing its competitiveness in transit logistics due to the risen costs in Latvia's transit corridor, indicates Aivars Taurins (Aivars Tauriņš), Logistics Association of Latvia Chairman of the Board, in BNN.LV interview.