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Tuesday 18.12.2018 | Name days: Klinta, Kristaps, Kristofers, Krists

Daily joke: honest opinion

Teacher: You aren’t paying attention to me. Are you having trouble hearing?

In pictures: Brightest stars at Paris Motor Show

From October 4 to 19, automobile companies gather at the Paris Motor Show 2014 and present their latest products in line with the event's theme – automobile and fashion. Car builders compete in the offer of both fashionable concept vehicles and downright practical production-line cars. Another focus of the event is achievements in the production of electric and hybrid vehicles.

Daily joke: learn the difference

Teacher: What is the difference between lightning and electricity?

Daily joke: reverse logic

A mother said to her son, «Look at that kid over there; he's not misbehaving.»

Daily joke: reverse training

Did you know that dolphins are so smart that within a few weeks of captivity, they can train people to stand on the edge of their pool and throw them fish?

Calendar of Lithuania’s cultural and sports events. Vilnius Festival of Sports 2014

BNN offers you a selection of cultural and sports events in Lithuania for the week from September 29 to October 5.

Daily joke: proper use of documents

Dad: «Can I see your report card, son?»

Daily joke: useful advice

If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you!

Daily joke: the good days

A prisoner, after many years, is finally released.

Daily joke: pupils and teachers

Mother: How do you like your new teacher?

September 18 in pictures

BNN offers you to take a look at topical, interesting and simply beautiful pictures of the day.

Daily joke: what has science done

Q: What happens when you cross a shark with a cow?

Calendar of cultural events in Lithuania September 13-21: European Heritage Days in Vilnius

BNN offers you a selection of cultural and sports events in Lithuania for the week from September 13 to 21.

Daily joke: live and learn

A teacher asked her students to use the word "beans" in a sentence.

Daily joke: children learn quickly

Teacher: «Kids,what does the chicken give you?»

Daily joke: learn the difference

Q: What is the difference between a mathematician and a philosopher?

DAily joke: proving rights and wrongs

Teacher asked Bobbie: «How can you prove the earth is round?»

Daily joke: scientific insight

Two kids were hiking and were surrounded by huge granite cliffs. «I wonder where all this stone came from?» – one boy asked.

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