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Ceturtdiena 27.02.2020 | Name days: Līva, Līvija, Andra

Signe Meirane: what is worth enjoying in Latvia’s regions?

With spring in full swing, family and friend weekend trips become a regular and popular activity for many. Whether it means visiting different interesting locales, cultural events or other leisure activities – recreation and rest are only improved if there is a tasty meal involved. Rimi gourmet Signe Meirane offers insight into traditional cuisine in Latvia’s regions and what is worth trying out when travelling around Latvia.

Among Baltic States, Estonia has highest chances of getting to Eurovision finals

There is a 65% probability that Latvian performers will enter Eurovision finals on Saturday, 13 May. Estonia’s chances of entering the finals are given 75% probability, Triobet bookmakers predict.

Firm pledges to take tourists around Moon

U.S. cosmic transport firm SpaceX has announced that two private individuals have paid to the firm for a space journey around the Moon.

Eurovision organisers in Ukraine quit preparations

This year’s Eurovision pop song competition is facing a significant obstacle after 21 leading employee of this year’s organising committee in Ukraine refused to continue preparations.

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