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Tuesday 23.10.2018 | Name days: Daina, Dainida, Dainis

Fitch ratings to Baltic states at 'A' grade with stable or positive outlook

Fitch Ratings, the American credit rating agency, has set its long-term rating of all three Baltic states at the 'A' grade, as its evaluation of Estonia's finances has been announced last week.

Audi discloses more issues with diesel car emissions

Volkswagen Audi carmaker has disclosed that another 60,000 of its A6 and A7 models with diesel engines have emission software irregularities.

Adidas quits selling its Soviet sportswear

The German sportswear giant Adidas has removed from its online stores clothing with the symbols of the Soviet Union it has recently been selling.

Google's pre-election advertising rules changed

The internet services' giant Google is requiring from those placing political ads during the next U.S elections to prove they are U.S. citizens or permanent residents after American tech companies have revealed that Russian propaganda outfits have bought adverts targeting American voters.

Industrial output in Latvia increased 0.6% in March

Compared to March 2017, industrial production output increased by 0.6 % in March. Production output in manufacturing went up by 1.5 %, while in mining and quarrying as well as in electricity and gas supply it fell by 5.9 % and 2.1 %, respectively.

Estonia visited by 39% more Russian tourists this spring

At accommodation establishments in Estonia in March 2018, five percent more domestic and foreign travellers have stayed than in the first spring month of 2017, Estonian statisticians have estimated.

Latvian government conceptually support diverting LDz profits for railway development

Latvia’s government has conceptually supported establishing the portion of Latvijas dzelzceļš profits to be paid in dividends in 2018-2020 at 0%, allowing the company to use profits and divert them to the development of infrastructure development and restoration, as confirmed by LDz.

Most Facebook users remain loyal to it despite scandals, survey finds

American users of Facebook have largely continued using the popular social networking site although data of 50 million Facebook users have been shared with the political consultancy firm Cambridge Analytica, an opinion poll has found.

EC proposes 1.28 trillion-euro budget with lower agriculture payments

As the European Commission proposes a 1,28 trillion-euro budget for the European Union in the 2021-2017 period, spending cuts are aimed at farm subsidies and regional development aid.

Retail trade turnover in Latvia up 6.5% in March

Compared to March 2017, the total retail trade turnover rose by 6.5 % in March 2018. Turnover of retail trade in food products has increased by 6.8 %, turnover of retail trade in non-food products by 6.0%, and turnover of retail sale of automotive fuel by 7.3 %.

Construction costs in Latvia up 0.5%

Compared to February, level of construction costs in Latvia grew by 0.5 % in March 2018. Labour remuneration of workers rose by 1.1 %, prices of building materials by 0.5 %, and maintenance and operational costs of machinery and equipment by 0.2 %.

Spanish resort city to prohibit renting apartments to tourists

Palma, the Spanish resort city in the Mediterranean island of Majorca, has adopted a restriction that apartment will be not allowed to rent their apartments to travellers, becoming the first place in Spain to introduce such a ban.

Rail Baltica’s infrastructure management model to be studied by British company

On 8 November 2017, RB RAIL joint Baltic company announced the winner in the tender for the study of Rail Balica’s infrastructure management model. The winner was British design, engineering and project management consulting company: Atkins and SNC-Lavalin Group.

Estonia and Finland to share patient data over innovative «secure» data highway

The Estonian-developed international data exchange technology X-road, said to be hacker-proof is to be the basis for a new Estonia-Finland system of linked doctor prescription registers that would make prescriptions issued in one country available in pharmacies in the other.

Economy Ministry: producer prices will affect dynamics of raw material prices

Producer prices in industry will grow in 2018 similarly as they had in 2017. Producer price level is largely affected by fluctuations of raw material prices in the world, as noted by Latvia’s Economy Ministry.

Municipality: after meeting in summer, British Steel refused to buy KVV Liepājas metalurgs

After the meeting that took place at the end of August 2017, British Steel, which had previously voiced an interest in KVV Liepājas metalurgs, refused to purchase the bankrupt company, says Liepaja City Council chairman’s advisor for public relations matters Andrejs Rjabcevs.

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