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Wednesday 08.04.2020 | Name days: Dana, Dans, Danute, Edgars

Number of dairy cows in Latvia down 4.2% last year; number of other cows up 9.2%

In 2019 number of dairy cows dropped by 6.1 thousand or 4.2 %, but number of non-dairy cows rose by 4.7 thousand or 9.2 %.

Rīgas Siltums heating company promises to not penalize missed payments

During the state of emergency no penalties will be calculated for missed or delayed payments. Additionally, heating will not be cut off for missed payments, promises heating company AS Rīgas Siltums.

US to have economy and health care aid plan with USD two trillion

The US government and Congress have agreed on a support package to help the country’s economy, workers and health care system hit by the COVID-19 outbreak and sweeping restrictions, American news agency AP reports.

Ex-Rīgas satiksme employee involved in two criminal cases Igors Volkinšteins has passed away

Former director of Riga municipal public transport company LLC Rīgas satiksme’s Infrastructure and Development Department Igors Volkinšteins has passed away, as reported by LETA.

Fuel prices reportedly decline in Baltic States

Last week, fuel prices had declined in all capital cities of the three Baltic States, according to data from LETA.

OECD suggests governments to provide free COVID-19 tests and subsidise workers

Angel Gurría, the Secretary General of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, has said that the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic could take the shape of an ‘L’.

Alcohol production in Latvia down 63.4% in January

The volume of produced alcohol volumes in Latvia had declined 63.4% in January when compared to the same month of 2019, according to goods circulation data from the State Revenue Service.

Russia lifts all sanctions on imports of essential goods

The Russian government has announced the lifting of all its restrictions for imports of essential goods for one month from Friday, March 20, according to the Russian state news agency TASS.

Sweden’s Swedbank receives a fine of EUR 360 million

Sweden’s Swedbank has been applied with a fine of EUR 360 million for problems with its internal control system and management, as reported by the bank.

Latvia pushes law on support to prevent Covid-19 damages; state to pay idleness benefits

On Thursday, 19 March, Latvia’s Cabinet of Ministers supported Finance Ministry’s developed legislative draft on threats to the state and measures to prevent the damages from Covid-19 and to limit its spread. The law outlines a wide range of state support measures. This includes paying idleness benefits to employed people.

Riga Tourism Development Bureau starts working on industry restoration plan

To reduce the consequences of the crisis and provide support to the tourism industry, Riga Tourism Development Bureau has composed a Crisis Management Council of its own and has commenced work on a tourism industry restoration plan, as reported by RTAB board chairman Jānis Jenzis.

Catering company Lido temporarily shuts down operations

Latvian catering company Lido has temporarily shut down all operations, as confirmed by the company.

Latvian Railway requests EUR 40.8 million from state budget to finance operations

Latvian Railway requires EUR 25 million from Latvia’s state budget to balance finances in 2020 and EUR 15.8 million to compensate ineligible costs for public transport services this year, says LDz representative Ella Pētermane.

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