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Wednesday 16.01.2019 | Name days: Lida, Lidija

Income of electric car maker Tesla measured in billions

The income of the American electric car maker Tesla have in the last quarter of 2017 been above three billion U.S. dollars, while losses have also been large.

European Commission predicts Latvia the most rapid growth among Baltic States

The latest economic outlook by the European Commission estimates that Latvia’s GDP may grow 3.5% in 2018, which is the most rapid growth rate among Baltic States.

Consumer prices in Estonia up 0.4% in month

The consumer price index in Estonia has risen in the period from December 2017 to January 2018 by 0.4% and by 3.5% on year since the beginning of 2017, Estonian statisticians have estimated.

Factory workers in Germany gain chance to adjust working hours to looking after family

Factory employees in Germany's south-west have negotiated the right to work less hours to adjust their work to the needs of family members, moreover the agreement with employers could be extended to several million other workers in Germany.

Number of guests in Estonian hotels reached 3.5 million in 2017

Estonian accommodation businesses have in 2017 hosted 3.5 million guests with 2.15 million foreign tourists among them, which is a 7%-increase from 2016 Estonian statisticians have estimated.

Lithuanian and Estonian prime ministers have no plans to discuss Rubesa’s future

Before Latvian Prime Minister Māris Kučinskis’ proposal, Lithuanian and Estonian prime ministers had no prior plans to discuss the future of RB Rail chairperson Baiba Rubesa after the vote in which their country’s shareholders voted in favour of her dismissal, as BNS was told by representatives of both officials.

First strike in history of Rakvere meat factory to be held

Workers of the Rakvere Meat Processing Plant, which is even older than Estonia, are on February 6 to hold the first legal strike in its history to push for higher wages. The factory employs over 700 people, who commute to work from places even 50 kilometres away.

Latvia in December had more rapid producer price rise than the average in EU

Compared with the same month of 2016, Latvia’s industrial sector’s producer prices grew 2.7% in December 2017. It is a more rapid increase than the average in the European Union, according to data published by Eurostat.

LMT tests new download frequency for introduction of 5G

Latvijas Mobilais Telefons (LMT) in cooperation with state company Elektroniskie sakari, started tests within 1,500 MHz range for the first time in Latvia on Thursday, 1 February.

Coface: growth will continue, but ‘overheating’ risk will remain for businesses

In its latest rating, Coface international credit risks insurance company has upgraded ratings for Ukraine, Georgia, and Netherlands. Experts say there is a possibility of businesses overheating. That and political tension will be among the main business risks in 2018.

Facebook prohibits promoting virtual currencies in ads

The world's leading social network has stated it would not allow advertising to offer any virtual currency products and services.

Estonian industrial production increases by 8% in 2017

Estonian industrial companies made by 8% more produce in 2017 than in 2016 and volumes went up most in mining and manufacturing, according to official statistics.

Butter goes cheaper in Estonia; producers speak of unpredictable price fluctuations

Price of butter in Estonia has dropped after its peak and shortages in 2017, yet it is unclear to producers if the record price level would not return.

Ministry: fuel and food trade secured the biggest retail trade growth in the last 2.5 years

Retail trade turnover in December 2017, when compared with the same month of 2016, had increased 6.4%, demonstrating the most rapid growth since June 2015. This increase was largely secured by growing trade of fuel and food products – 8.3% and 8.8% respectively, as detailed in Finance Ministry’s report.

VW CEO assumes responsibility for exhaust experiments on humans and monkeys

Scandal-scarred German automotive giant Volkswagen has assumed partial responsibility for diesel fume experiments with humans and monkeys.