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Tuesday 26.03.2019 | Name days: Eiženija, Ženija

ABLV Bank urges FinCEN to withdraw «exaggerated accusations»

Lawyers of ABLV Bank, which is currently in the process of self-liquidating, urge US Department of Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network to withdraw its published proposal, which details how ABLV Bank’s management had allegedly used bribes to influence Latvian officials and breach sanctions against North Korea.

ABLV Bank responds to US FinCEN’s report on planned sanctions against it

ABLV Bank has submitted to US Department of Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network answers to its February’s report on planned sanctions against the bank, as confirmed by representatives of the credit institution.

Danish DFDS buys the largest shipping group in Mediterranean zone

Danish shipping and logistics group DFDS has bought Turkey’s largest Ro-Ro cargo ship operator. This makes DFDS one of the biggest players in EU and Turkish trade, as confirmed by the company.

Chinese economy expands faster than expected in Q1

China's gross domestic product has increased by 6.8% from January to March official data indicate as they are somewhat above Beijing's forecasts for the period of a 6.5% growth.

Longest strike in Estonian history ends with pay rises

Slaughterhouse workers at the Rakvere Meat Processing Plant, which is owned by Finnish HKScan, are ending their strike on Monday, April 16, held since February 6.

Russian aluminium giant loses half its value because of US sanctions

The value of Russian aluminium giant Rusal declined by nearly 50% at Hong Kong exchange on Monday, 9 April due to the sanctions applied to the company by USA. These sanctions put the company at risk of partial insolvency.

Tallinn transport company worker in custody suspected of receiving EUR 2 million in bribes

In Tallinn, on suspicion of having taken bribes totalling two million euros, an assistant manager at the captal's transport Tallinna Linnatranspordi has been detained, according to Estonian media. The suspect is reported to be employed as an assistant manager at the company's bus repair workshops and to have been driving a Lamborghini sports car.

European sugar makers forced compete after EU quotas lifted

With the market-crippling sugar production quotas lifted, sugar producers in the European Union have found themselves fighting for survival as now they have to compete on the world market with higher production output and lower prices.

Estonian tax collector to repay 90 million euros to tax payers

Reflecting Estonian activity in the submission of their tax returns, the Estonian Tax and Customs Board has received tax reutrns from total of over 640 thousand people.