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Wednesday 19.09.2018 | Name days: Verners, Muntis

Food producers abroad pushed out by local protectionism

Several Latvian food industrialists have experienced considerable protectionism abroad, promoted by the local producers.

Oil and fuel price to grow

Although other European countries are not witnessing sharp price climb, fuel in Latvia has become more expensive, as it is influenced by the oil price increase in the global Stock Exchange.

TM Security loses security company license

The security company TM Security, which has been involved in several scandals, has lost its security company license.

Is latvian lawyer Martins Kveps master of falsified shareholders' meetings?

The Dutch Investment Company Geit B.V., one of the largest foreign investors in the Port of Ventspils, filed two criminal complaints against the notorious lawyer Martins Kveps for falsifying two Shareholders’ Meetings of AS Kalija Parks and AS Ventspils Commercial Port.

airBaltic makes advance payment for airport's services

The national airline airBaltic has made the requested advance payment for the services provided by the Riga International Airport.

Gazprom may be interested in Latvian electricity market

The gas supplier Gazprom is likely to have interest in the Latvian electricity market, which is connected with AS Latvenergo business, assumes the representative of Russia’s power supply enterprise in Latvia Yevgeniy Roldugin.

Bankers receive the highest wages in Latvia

In Latvia, the financial and insurance sector workers receive the highest salaries – their wages are approximately two times higher than of those employed in the education sector and about three times higher than of those working in the hotel and restaurant business.

Riga airport threatens to stop collaborating with airBaltic

Starting from October 8, Riga International Airport will terminate providing services for airBaltic, if advance payment is not made.

State Audit Office: budget policy implementation not tied to results

Although, in correspondence with legislation, state budget is a measure of implementing state policy employing financial methods, the current budget policy is being implemented without considering the state's political aims and results to achieve.