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Wednesday 15.08.2018 | Name days: Dzelde, Zenta, Zelda

In month’s time industrial output increased by 2.3%

The data of Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) indicate that, after comparing the indicators of June and July 2010, the industrial production output, according to seasonally adjusted data at constant prices, has grown by 2.3%.

Online shops recover from crisis; new participants enter market

Online shops in Latvia are gradually recovering from the recession, and more participants are entering the market, pointed out the surveyed industry experts and representatives.

Medicinal expenses to increase by 10 million a year

After the value added tax (VAT) rate of 21% is applied to medicinal products, the inhabitants would be forced to spend at least 10.53 million lats more, informed the public relations specialist of the State Agency of Medicines (SAM), Sanita Skaidra (Sanita Skaidrā).

Bread to become more expensive

In a month's time bread will cost two or three santims more than currently.

AD Baltic last year turnover grew by 7%

One of the leading auto parts wholesalers in Latvia SIA Baltic AD last year's turnover increased by 7%, reaching 5.84 million lats. SIA Baltic AD volume of production dynamics show 7% increase, when compared to the previous year. Moreover, the company's turnover growth in the wholesale niche (without providing non unauthorized services) is even higher - 13%.

Flat price growth remains the same in August

The average price growth of commercial flats in Riga has remained small but steady in August. The average price reaches 582 euros per square meter.

The Latvian Shipping Company: low point phase is over

According to the concern A/S Latvijas kuģniecība (The Latvian Shipping Company) semi-annual report, company’s loss in the first six months of 2010 has reached 25.2 million dollars (13.9 million lats).

If files complaint against SFS insurance tender

The insurance company If P&C (If) has filed a complaint to Latvian Procurement Monitoring Bureau (LPMB) concerning the results of The State Forest Service(SFS) public tender for its employees' health insurance.

Kampars: In four years there will be 50 firms per 1000 inhabitants

The implementation of microenterprise support programs will enable a qualitative leap in business activity indicators in the following four years, and ensure that the amount of enterprises per 1.000 inhabitants in Latvia at least reaches the average ratios of European Union (EU).

Zigurs: debts will be paid until next heating season

The amount of Riga residents heat debt amounts to 5 million lats, but it will be paid by the beginning of the next heating season, states the Chairman of Rīgas Siltums Aris Zigurs (Āris Žīgurs).

Expert: wages will go up next year

The economy expert of Latvijas Banka, Olegs Krasnopjorovs (Oļegs Krasnopjorovs), maintains that in the next year a sustainable salary growth is awaited in Latvia, as entrepreneurs will return to the initial premium wage system.

Skonto būve half-year consolidated profit - 6.98 million lats

Last year, the construction company Skonto būve consolidated profit after taxes and before minority interests amounted to 6.98 million lats.

Ventspils nafta half-year profit – 3.5 million lats

JSC Ventspils nafta consolidated net turnover in the first half-year of 2010 has reached 29 million lats.

Latvijas Krājbanka suffers losses in half year

Latvijas Krājbanka (LKB) has incurred 4.6 million lats loss in the first six months of the year, which is an increase of nearly three times.

Mancinskis: the amount of problematic credits stabilizes

According to the Chief Executive of Swedbank Maris Mancinskis (Māris Mančinskis), together with increasing solvency, which is associated with the overall improvement of the economic situation, the amount of problematic credits is also stabilizing.

Despite unstable U.S. and EU market, L'OREAL profit increases by 21%

The world's biggest cosmetics manufacturer L'OREAL revenue in the first half of this year has increased by 21%. The following results were achieved due to resumed sale of luxury perfumes in Asia and South America.

Nordea: Latvian economy improving

The situation in the Latvian economy is gradually improving and the lowest point has already been overcome in the beginning of the year. The most rapid improvement has been observed exactly in foreign trade, however household consumption has also resumed to increase slightly.

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