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Monday 14.10.2019 | Name days: Minna, Vilhelmīne

Will the Latvian railway electrification be another mandatory power component saga?

The Latvian government is pushing forward with the influence of the ruling Union of Greens and Farmers the railway electrification project in Latvia, despite outspoken opposition both in the government and the New Conservative party as to how necessary the large investment would be.

Latvia to investigate defamation of Latvian financial sector pointed to by ABLV Bank

At the request of the ABLV Bank, which is currently subject to liquidation, Latvian criminal police has opened proceedings over spreading false information on the situation of the Latvian financial sector, according to the chief of the Latvian State Police, Ints Ķuzis.

Shadow economy in Ukraine grows to 33%

The part of Ukrainian economy where paying taxes is avoided has in the first quarter of 2018 been 33%, official estimates show as reported by UNIAN.

Eurostat: Latvia had inflation rate higher than average in EU and Eurozone

In July, Latvia’s inflation rate was higher than the average in Europe and Eurozone, according to data published by Eurostat.

Construction output in Latvia increased 31.6% in Q2 2018

Compared to Q2 2017, construction output increased by 31.6 % in Q2 2018. Construction output rise was observed in construction of buildings, civil engineering and specialised construction activities.

IKEA owns approximately 90,000 ha of forests in Latvia

Ever since IKEA Group’s Netherlands-based IRI Investments has become the sole owner of Foran Real Estate, IKEA now owns approximately 90,000 ha of forested land in Latvia, says IRI Forest Management SRL public relations manager Raluka Buzja.

390 Ryanair flights cancelled due to strikes

Close to 400 Ryanair flights have been grounded on Friday because of pilot strikes in five European countries.

Inflation in Latvia reached 2.6% in July

Compared to July 2017, the average level of consumer price rose by 2.6 % in July 2018. Prices of goods grew by 2.4 % and prices of services by 3.2 %.

Volume of Latvian securities bought in July – EUR 1.958 million

As part of European Central Bank’s realized Public Sector Purchase Programme, Latvia’s securities worth EUR 1.958 billion were bought up at the end of July 2018, according to information published by ECB.

Beer price up 11% in Estonia on year, as consumer prices up 3.5%

Beer lovers in Estonia have not had an easy year as from July last year to July 2018 the price of the beverage has been estimated to have increased by 11,7%, while the overall consumer price index in the Baltic country has risen by 3.5%, official statistics showed.

Apple, Amazon and Facebook share prices on a rise; oil prices increase as well

Under dynamics of world stock exchange indexes, different trends were observed on Friday, 3 August. As concerns over trade wars continued, US stock indexes increased thanks to growing prices of shares of technological companies.

Petrol prices in Sweden at highest level ever

The cost of petrol in Sweden currently reached its record, which is with its high demand from holiday makers and the low value of the Swedish national currency.