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Ceturtdiena 05.12.2019 | Name days: Sabīne, Sarma, Klaudijs

Traders: closed supermarkets on Sundays would discourage tax inflow

Proposals on closed supermarkets on Sundays, that way supporting local traders and small shops, have provoked many discussions. Some traders get up to a half of their turnover at weekends and they warn if the suggestion was implemented, the state would lose revenue derived from tax, as well as the number of the unemployed would grow.

Southern Bridge completion needs a loan

This week Riga City Council decided to ask the Ministry of Finance (MF) permission to obtain a bank's loan, in order to complete the Southern Bridge.

Euribor likely to exceed Rigibor

It might happen the historical point is near - several Euribor rates that have reported climb over the last year could exceed the corresponding Rigibor rates.

TEC-2 reconstruction halt might cost at least 150 million lats

A document has been prepared for the European Commission with the aim of terminating Riga’s second thermoelectric central reconstruction. If that happens, Latvenergo and consequently the state and consumers’ additional costs could exceed 150 million lats.

Energy efficiency allows companies to save

Companies have started to turn more attention not only to rentals but also causes of additional costs.

Complaints about insurers’ decisions to Ombudsman in Latvia – not beneficial

It turns out the Latvian Insurers Association Ombudsman, where natural persons can file complaints about insurers’ decisions regarding claims, is a far more expensive service than the Ombudsman of commercial banks.

Latvian industrial production output increases by 13%

In nine months of 2010, compared to the period January-September in 2009, the industrial production output has increased by 13%, according to working day adjusted data at constant prices.

AS Ventspils nafta minority shareholders – ready for overthrow

It is intended to collect at least 40 million lats from Vitol Group enterprises Euromin Holdings, Eurotank Holdings Sarl and AS Ventspils nafta Council and Board Members on their property – oil and oil product reloading terminal – use without compensation.

Latvijas Finieris shareholders merging to sell their shares for higher price

Minority shareholder of Latvijas Finieris Armands Apfelbaums in inviting shareholders to merge, in order they could sell the shares at the highest possible price or gain influence in the Biķi family controlled company.

Arco Real Estate: Latvia real estate prices unlikely to change

Price climb of October has finally stopped, thus 2010 highest apartments price rise was recorded in January - 4.6%, the business portal BNN was informed by the real estate company Acro Real Estate representative.

Study: GDP potential to drop due to qualified labour shortage

Alongside with the decrease in qualified labour offer, gross domestic product growth potential will drop as well, concluded the University of Latvia PhD student of Social Demographics Ivars Indans in the study Highly Qualified Labour From Third Countries. International Experience and Latvia’s Situation.

Exclusive payment card World Signia to be offered by Rietumu Banka

Rietumu Banka offers customers exclusive payment card World Signia which has all the credit card features and functions together with a unique support service available virtually in any world language, as well as a variety of extra advantages, the business portal BNN was informed by Rietumu banka.

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