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Saturday 21.09.2019 | Name days: Matīss, Modris, Mariss

Stadler's only competitor - Spanish company

Spanish enterprise Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles SA (CAF) is the only competitor of Stadler Bussnag AG (Stadler) in AS Pasažieru vilciens (PV) organized tender in value of 144 million lats, informed the head of the Hungarian branch of Stadler Zoltan Dunai who is in charge of the company entering the Latvian market.

Gwilliam: state money recovery will be a miracle

Real estate credits and immovable property form the greatest part of Parex Bank assets; if we manage to recover state investments in Parex, it will be a miracle, told the new CEO of Parex Bank Christopher John Gwilliam.

Haul reduction to increase canned fish price

The European Commission (EC) decision to reduce the Baltic herring and sprat haul, at least by one-third, could lead to an increase in the canned fish prices.

Latvia recommended learning from Estonians

Latvia’s achievements in the private sector are very good; however, the country could learn many useful things from its neighbouring country – Estonia, believes Edward Lucas, the central and east European region correspondent and deputy editor of The Economist.

Expert: joint-stock shareholder register keeping practice is at low level

The practice of monitoring private joint-stock companies shareholders register is at a low level and could be compared to keeping money in a flowerpot, believes the Board Member of Latvian Central Depository (LCD) Raitis Vancans (Raitis Vancāns).

Analyst: re-recession in US would affect Latvia

US economical indicators that have turned out to be weaker that it was expected may suggest that there could be another recession in the United Sates (US) that would affect also Latvia.

Milk price to increase

Travel agencies lose 10-15% of clients

An increasing number of tourists book trips on the Internet without using travel agencies services, which means that the agencies have lost about 10-15% of clients in the recent years.

Kampars: innovation and competitiveness affects the economic development

The sustainable economic development of the Baltics will depend on the ability to promote the innovative potential and competitiveness, both in the domestic and global market, indicates the Minister for Economics Artis Kampars.

Banks warn about payment card scams

This week, banks have warned several traders that in the Latgale and Zemgale region a gang of fraudsters have appeared that settles payments for the acquisition of goods or services with counterfeit cards.

Dombrovskis: government will not open list of non-privatizable companies

The current government does not plan to open the list of non-privatizable companies, tells the Prime Minister of Latvia Valdis Dombrovskis.

SRS calculates 88.5 million lats in taxes and fines

In the first eight months of this year the State Revenue Service (SRS) Tax Control Department has conducted 1088 tax audits, ordering to pay 88.5 million lats.

Five-year bonds sold for 12 million lats at state securities auction

All five-year bonds offered at state securities auction were bought amounting to 12 million lats in total.

Price of goods in Latvia - exceeds actual cost 10-15 times

Latvian residents buy clothes, bed linen and footwear at prices that exceeds the actual cost of a finished products ten to fifteen times.