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Ongoing negotiations on settlement of Latvijas Naftas tranzīts shareholders’ meeting decisions in 2007

Currently SIA Skonto nafta and AS Latvijas Naftas tranzīts is holding ongoing negotiations on the disagreement settlement regarding Latvijas Naftas tranzīts shareholders’ meeting decisions in 2007. For this reason, the civil case hearing has been postponed till March 21, next year.

Latvia can obtain 20 million lats worth pipeline oil

Latvia could claim the technological oil, currently in LatRosTrans owned pipelines, worth at least 20 millions.

Producer price level in Latvian industry drops by 0.3%

Overall producers price level in Latvian industry dropped by 0.3% in October this year, compared to September.

Growing interest of investors from the East, especially, in production industry

Over the recent years, businessmen from the East have been the most active in investing in Latvia; moreover, compared to the «fat years», the number of venture capital investors is growing as well.

Volume of insurers written premiums drops by 18%

During the ten months of 2010, the volume of written premiums by the Latvian insurance companies has dropped by 18% or 41.4 million lats, compared to the corresponding period last year.

Nordic Investment Bank President: investors need railways and motorways

International financial institutions are pleased with Latvia’s results; however, it still has to learn how to draw in the right investors, Nordic Investment Bank President Johnny Åkerholm indicates.

Centralization needs a «super» holding

State-owned enterprises management should be centralized into a single holding, thus obtaining 100 million lats additional revenue already in 2011 and attracting internationally recognized experts, concluded Baltic Institute of Corporate Governance (BICG).

Crisis does not affect peat processing

Data on the major Latvian peat processing companies has been compiled for the first time, according to reports submitted to the database SIA Lursoft - they have had a successful year.

Construction output drops by 28.5%

In nine months of 2010, compared to January-September 2009, construction output at constant prices has decreased by 28.5%, including housing construction volumes - drop of 30.3% and construction engineering - by 27.1%.

Latvia external trade grows by 22.3% in 2010

Total external trade at current prices in January-September 2010 reached 7 422.4 million lats, which is 1 351.2 million lats or 22.3% more than in January-September 2009, according to Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia.

Riga Vice-Mayor: Riga Port hits new cargo turnover record

During ten months of this year the Port of Riga has established a new cargo turnover record – 25 036 million tons, which is 0.3% more than in the corresponding period last year, indicates the Riga City Council Vice-Mayor Andris Ameriks.

Latvia might lose Ventspils oil pipeline

Latvia could lose not only the oil pipeline to Ventspils, but even the possibility to recover oil transit through the pipeline at all.

Increasing TV advertising volume

This year October, compared to the same period last year, the advertising volume on television has increased by 15%, indicates TNS Latvia data.

Heating season start reduces energy «spot» price

Despite the last two months electric energy price climb in the Baltics region, October reported slight price drop, propelled by the growing electric energy demand connected with the heating season start and output growth in cogeneration plants, the business portal BNN was informed by the electric energy trader SIA Enefit spokesman.

Sugar price climb expected

Both leading traders in Latvia - Rimi and Maxima - procurement managers have already received information from wholesalers on sugar price rise.

Decreasing number of registered commercial mortgages

In October this year, compared to September, the number of registered commercial mortgages has dropped by 15.07% and along with the fall of the previous month - the overall number of claims has decreased as well (-69.02%).

Expert: Latvia would benefit from TEC-2 stoppage

If it is still possible to stop Riga’s second thermoelectric central reconstruction, Latvia would benefit from this, considers the Finnish power plant production giant Wärtsilä Finland representative in Latvia Jussi Peltonen.

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