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Sunday 26.01.2020 | Name days: Agneta, Agnis, Ansis

Sveza: only mergers can turn us into a global leader

Russian plywood manufacturer Sveza needs merging with other companies to become a global leader, says the company's Director General Andrei Kashubsky.

Experts: real estate tax based on baseless cadastral value assessments

Currently the real estate tax is calculated on the basis of ungrounded assessments and disproportionate rates, many local governments representatives, real estate market experts and tax payers are convinced.

Expert: airBaltic to face procurement problems in future

The financial conflicts with Riga International Airport on the whole havenot damaged the Latvian national airline airBaltic image in Europe; however, they could turn out to be an obstacle for winning in tenders related to servicing the European countries’ institutions in the future, considers the expert on transport industry Jurijs Zalicenko.

Retailers: VAT rise will negatively affect the economy

The value added tax rate increase would leave a negative impact on the inhabitants purchasing capacity and the economy in general, believe retailers.

Latvia’s mobile communication tariffs – possibly the lowest in Europe

Companies in Latvia pay on average 15-25 lats for each employee’s mobile connection calls monthly, which is 10-15% less than it was previously, says the Executive Director of the Telecommunications Association of Latvia (TAL) Jānis Lelis,

Latvia’s credit rating likely to grow

Near future most likely will bring Latvia's credit rating improvements, believes Swedbank senior economist in Latvia Martins Kazaks (Mārtiņš Kazāks).

September reports growing number of Riga tourists

This year in September the number of tourists in Riga has increased, alongside with the growth in the number of passengers at the Riga International Airport and the hotel occupancy rate, the business portal BNN was informed by Riga Tourism Development Bureau.

Growing amount of advertising in media

September 2010 reports growth in amount of advertising in television, press and radio, according to market, social and media research agency TNS Latvia data.

Professor: 2011 budget sets even stricter austerity measures

Despite the painful budget cuts implemented previously, 2011 budget provides even more stricter austerity measures, believes Harvard Business School Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness senior researcher Christian Ketels.

Number of purchases on leasing decrease even more this year

Over the nine months of 2010 the volume of new leasing transactions reached 125.7 million lats, which is 41.9 million lats per quarter. Last year the average new transaction volume per quarter was 46.1 million lats.

Facing risk of clients leaving, LMT offers special tariff

Another Tele2 «meteorite» of four lats a month has influenced LMT as well: when Latvijas Mobilais Telefons (LMT) clients want to leave the operator, they are offered a copy of Meteorite called Special Tariff 4, which is not actually on sale.

VAT rate likely to be raised next year

The value added tax rate could be raised up to 23-24% next year – such budget deficit reduction variant is currently being actively discussed within the political circles.

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