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Monday 09.12.2019 | Name days: Sarmīte, Tabita

Lattelecom is against the merger of Baltkom and IZZI

Telecommunications company Lattelecom has approached the Competition Council (CC), in order no to allow Baltkom and IZZI merger, reported the newspaper Dienas Bizness.

Baltkom considers applying to the court

Due to the amendments in the plan for National Radio Frequencies, the telecommunication company Baltkom considers appealing in the court with the claim of recovery of money losses, reports Dienas Bizness.

Latvijas Loto will offer to win a million

The organizer of lotteries in Latvia Latvijas Loto intends to participate in a Europe-wide game, where the residents of Latvia will be able to win a million.

airBaltic searches for cabin crew in Estonia

Latvian National Airline company airBaltic has started a new recruitment program in Estonia.

Analyst: Latvia started negotiations with Gazprom too late

The head of the market analysis division of Parex Asset Management Zigurds Vaikulis states that Latvia had to start to conduct negotiations with the Russian gas concern Gazprom a long time ago. Vaikulis acknowledges that the information on possible changes in Russian gas purchase processes, as a result of which natural gas could cost less for Latvia, is positive; however, he also indicated that Latvia had to start the negotiations with Russia earlier, because similar processes had already been taking place in Europe for some time.

Rimi and Maxima lack employees

The largest supermarket chains in Latvia Rimi and Maxima lack employees for dozens of job vacancies. The supermarket chain of Maxima searches for cashiers, salesmen, bakers, cleaners, hall controllers, security guards and even directors of the store. According to the newspaper Telegraf, Rimi faces a similar situation, in addition the offered gross salary ranges from LVL 260 to 500.

The number of economically active population falls by 3.1%

In the second quarter of the present year the number of the economically active population of Latvia, as compared with the exact period of the previous year, has shrank by 3.1%, and the rate of registered unemployment amounts to 16.5%.

Analyst: Gazprom yielded not to Kampars but to Katara

According to the newspaper Telegraf, the Minister for Economics Artis Kampars has declared that the meating with the management of Gazprom can be considered as successful, because they have agreed to start discussing price reduction for the purchase of natural gas; however, as it turns out the real hero of the story is not Kampars, but Katara.

Lattelecom is not satisfied with the tax reliefs

One of the leading information and communication technologies (ICT) companies in Latvia Lattelecom has expressed its concern about the amendments in the law On the Enterprise Income Tax (EIT) prepared by the Ministry of Finance (MF). The amendments provide tax reliefs to large projects, which Lattelecom believes to be discriminating.

The production of trains in Latvia could restart

By resuming train manufacturing, 8000 job openings will be created.

Moscow banns trade of alcoholic drinks at night

According to the reports of today, the trade of strong alcoholic drinks at night and in the early hours has been banned in Moscow, in order to eliminate the main cause of the damage of the health of Russians - excessive use of alcohol.

USA faces the highest number of insolvency announcements since 2005

According to the data of the government of the USA, the number of insolvency announcements has reached its highest point since the year 2005. The economy of the USA is slowing and the level of unemployment has reached a two-digit number.

Agreement to lower gas prices in Latvia

The head of AS Latvijas Gāze (LG) Adrians Davis (Adrians Dāvis) in the meeting of the Saeima Economic, Agricultural, Environmental and Regional Policy Commission announced that an agreement to lower gas prices in Latvia has been reached.

Dombrovskis: the decision to reduce contributions to 2nd tier of the pension scheme is temporary

The decision of reduced pension contributions to 2nd tier of the pension scheme is a short- term option. The reduced payments could be extended for two years, until 2012, inclusive.

Slesers: Par Labu Latviju will not favor neither Urbanovics nor Dombrovskis

According to Latvijas Avīze, the Prime Minister's nominee from the political association Par Labu Latviju (PLL) Ainars Slesers (Ainārs Šlesers) has announced that PLL will not express its favor to the nominee for the post of Prime Minister from the party Saskanas Centrs (SC) Janis Urbanovics (Jānis Urbanovičs).

Mikelsons will be released on bail of LVL 50 000

Riga District Court has decided to release from custody the former Chairperson of AS Latvenergo Karlis Mikelsons (Kārlis Miķelsons), if security money of LVL 50 000 is paid in a month's time.

The proceedings between airBaltic and airport Riga have been finished

The national airline A/S Air Baltic Corporation and the A/S Riga International Airport have signed a memorandum of agreement on the withdrawal of the proceedings and further cooperation, representatives of both parties informed the business portal

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